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What Is Your Routing Number?

Your routing number is a nine-digit code used to identify the financial institution involved in an exchange. It is usually located on the bottom left-hand corner of a paper check or bank statement, and used in connection with ACH (Automated Clearing House) transfers, Fedwire payments and online banking transactions.

Envision Credit Union was formed in 2001 through the merger of Delta and First Heritage credit unions, both with deep fishing industry roots. Today it serves all of British Columbia.

ACH Transactions

Automated Clearing House (ACH) transfers are the digital equivalent of paper checks, providing financial institutions with an efficient means of moving funds between institutions – for example direct deposit of paychecks or bill payments through monthly debits. While often faster than domestic wire transfers, their speed depends on when it is submitted to the ACH operator and whether they use same day versus next day networks with regard to submission times and processing fees.

When providing your account number to third-party online services or check printers, always include the full 9 digit routing number – consisting of your 7-digit Member number plus 6-digit prefix for checking or savings accounts. Your EECU routing number can be found on the bottom left side of a check – knowing this will ensure all electronic payment and shared draft transactions are processed accurately.

Online Banking

Online banking enables almost every transaction available in branch to you to be completed through one convenient platform – with just the click or touch of a mouse, typically on either a computer or mobile phone with Internet connectivity, bank card and registration for their online banking service.

Online banking makes it easy to pay bills, transfer funds and check your account balance. You can set recurring payments for services like utilities, insurance and subscriptions – and access these accounts from a computer, tablet or smartphone.

Many banks are shifting towards online banking as an alternative to physical branches in order to save money and provide convenience for customers. When using computers and mobile phones for banking transactions, always take precautions such as setting a strong password and using multi-factor authentication when available.

Mobile Banking

Mobile banking offers individuals an efficient way of managing their financial transactions on the go. Mobile apps allow customers to check account balances, view statements and transfer funds between accounts or even buy prepaid services – something many financial institutions, including credit unions offer via mobile banking services.

Mobile banking not only offers a safe and efficient means for conducting business transactions, but it can also bring other benefits. For instance, it can assist customers in monitoring their spending habits and setting savings goals, as well as provide tools that alert clients of fraudulence in their accounts.

Banks often require users to log into their mobile apps using a verification code or other security measure in order to protect both identity and money of clients. Users should also ensure that the same phone number has been registered with their bank; some providers also enable customer service chat directly from within the app.

Credit Cards

Credit cards can be an indispensable financial tool, and with one from envision credit union, they provide convenience as well as an unbeatable rewards program that you will truly love. Plus, with our prepaid debit card option you can teach kids to handle money responsibly!

Routing numbers are only needed when funds are directly transferred into or out of your bank account – not for debit card or credit card purchases. They can usually be found by looking in the bottom left corner of paper checks or your online banking portal.

Imagine Credit Union doesn’t impose a minimum credit score requirement when considering applications; rather, they consider factors like income and employment information when reviewing an applicant. You can access a free credit score on WalletHub to see where your application stands.






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