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Western Cooperative Credit Union exists for the financial wellbeing of its members. We accomplish this goal through offering cost-effective financial services, education in accordance with cooperative principles, and prudent asset management.

Your consent allows WCCU to gather financial information from Payee or Financial institution for use with Services, and accept that any errors in such information cannot be held against us.

Online Banking

WCCU’s comprehensive suite of online banking services provides you with everything you need to manage and expand your financial journey, from basic checking and savings accounts to lending solutions and credit cards.

Mobile Deposit allows you to make deposits with camera-enabled mobile devices, such as your smartphone or tablet, using Mobile Deposit’s image transmission feature. Once uploaded, this image is transmitted directly to WCCU for processing and you can also set eAlerts so you’ll know immediately about account conditions such as low balances or loan payments that need paying via email, text message or app alerts.

By accessing WCCU’s remote deposit capture service, you agree to be bound by its terms and conditions as well as all applicable laws and regulations. Furthermore, you certify that only acceptable items for deposit will be transmitted and that their handling was in accordance with all relevant regulations and laws. Violating any terms of this Agreement could have serious repercussions, including suspension of the Service as well as other associated services.

Mobile Banking

Keeping track of your money during the COVID-19 pandemic may require taking advantage of mobile banking. Not only does it allow you to stay organized on-the-go, but many banks and credit unions offer additional features like automatic notifications of direct deposits being made, large payments being charged or falling below certain amounts – this service makes managing finances simpler than ever!

Your agreement to notify the Service immediately of any changes to your Pay From Account or contact information in the app or through member services and provide written confirmation is also binding. It is your responsibility to safeguard and secure your mobile device as well as protecting passwords, user names, PINs and log-in details securely; furthermore you agree not to access the Service through public WIFI connections as they could expose your data to hackers.

Bill Payments

Western Cooperative Credit Union’s (WCCU) Online Bill Payments service is subject to the terms and conditions outlined here, along with any account agreements or documents in force from time-to-time that govern your accounts. You may access Online Bill Payments seven days a week 24 hours a day through your WCCU Internet Banking account; access fees or Internet service charges assessed by your Internet provider will remain your responsibility.

Fund Availability

You understand that when making payments through the Services, funds necessary for completion may be taken directly out of your WCCU account and not immediately made available for you to use; even if your online banking balance can cover it.

You understand and agree that WCCU and the Service cannot be held liable for any direct, indirect, or consequential damages resulting from your use of Online Bill Payments; including loss of business profits, revenue, goodwill or data.

Mobile Deposit

WCCU’s mobile deposit feature makes it simple and safe to make deposits from anywhere using your smartphone. Simply download and follow the instructions of their WCCU app; your deposit will then appear within its interface once complete.

Mobile Banking is available and FREE 24-7 for members to enjoy, providing access to over 30,000 surcharge-free ATMs worldwide and offering services like eStatements, Bill Payer, and ACH Origination. Plus you can easily monitor your accounts with balance alerts!

WCCU provides Tioga area residents with checking and savings accounts, Pee Wee Penguin youth savings accounts, as well as loans tailored to all stages of life. Membership is open to anyone living, working, worshipping or attending school within 75 miles of Ray, North Dakota as well as their immediate family (spouse, children, siblings, parents, grandparents, grandchildren stepchildren or stepsiblings). Once a member, always a member! WCCU meets all NCUA requirements so visit any branch today or reach out with any inquiries about becoming part of our membership family – we look forward to serving you!






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