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Valley Communities Credit Union and Small Business Support

Credit unions are non-for-profit financial cooperatives owned and run by their members. Each person who uses credit union services owns one “share” and can vote to elect members to its board of directors – these elected directors set policy, establish dividend and loan rates, direct operations and more. Furthermore, many credit unions play an active role in community development by sponsoring events, lending money to local businesses or encouraging members to engage with community projects through volunteerism.

Credit Unions and Small Business Assistance

Built on the foundation of people helping people, credit unions are at the forefront of supporting local small businesses by offering affordable loan options and partnering with community organizations to provide educational services and counseling for owners of local small businesses. Furthermore, credit unions provide essential tools that support business growth and stability; examples include integrated business banking.

Valley Communities Credit Union was originally chartered by the State of Wisconsin in 1935 for use by employees and families at Mosinee Paper Corporation. Later on in its history, its charter was expanded to serve those in Mosinee and surrounding townships living or working there as well. Today VCCU operates five convenient branches located throughout Mosinee, Kronenwetter Marshfield Stevens Point Wisconsin Rapids to serve a population of 3,988.

Contrasting traditional banks that operate for profit, credit unions are non-profit financial institutions that prioritize customer needs above all else. Their range of financial products and services includes checking and savings accounts, credit cards and loans for auto, home and recreational vehicle loans. Autobooks provides an online financial management platform, enabling users to easily create invoices and track payments all from one convenient location. They also offer merchant services and check cashing as business banking services – in addition to providing low-income communities with financial literacy education resources through being designated a Low Income Credit Union or Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI).






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