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US Community Credit Union

No matter if it’s an affordable car loan, saving for a new home or building your credit, us community credit union has you covered. At first glance, credit unions might seem similar to banks–they provide similar products and operate under similar rules–but upon closer examination you’ll discover they offer distinct advantages for their members.

Credit unions are member-owned cooperatives organized as not-for-profit organizations that offer membership at a lower fee and interest rate than traditional banks, providing savings accounts with higher yields and no minimum balance requirements. Some even offer mortgages, auto loans and credit cards; in addition to checking accounts, IRAs and business services. They are licensed and insured by the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA).

First U.S. Community Credit Union (FUSCC), located in California, boasts more than $4.3 billion in assets and nearly 27,000 members throughout California. FUSCC serves employees from different industries – local government, health care and education being among them – through branches located in Sacramento, Rocklin Auburn and Grass Valley.

USCCU, founded in 1936, offers full service banking products and services, such as checking, savings accounts, loans, credit cards and retirement accounts. Their website features online account access, mobile apps for account management and bill payment.

Credit unions differ from banks by operating non-profit and returning excess profits back to members in the form of lower fees and loan rates that make them appealing to consumers looking for a more flexible banking experience.

Credit unions tend to have a smaller physical branch network than traditional banks, making them harder to access in areas with few or no branches nearby. Thankfully, however, many credit unions offer mobile banking apps and other services that enable you to manage transactions on the go.

Us Community Credit Union stands out as an attractive workplace with its diverse workforce and excellent customer service, making it a fantastic opportunity for those seeking career growth. To gain more insight into their culture, visit Zippia to view employee feedback about working there.






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