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Tulane Loyola Credit Union

Tulane Loyola Credit Union is a financial cooperative offering financial services such as loans, investments and deposit accounts as well as retirement planning solutions and other forms of assistance.

Tulane Black Student Union recently issued a list of demands to the university. Their demands included reparations payments for its history of racism.

Vision Values & Mission

Tulane Loyola Credit Union operates as a financial cooperative. The Credit Union offers loans, investments, deposit accounts, insurance, security as well as credit and debit cards to its members located throughout Louisiana.

Inspired by national protests for racial justice, Tulane University’s Black Student Union released a list of demands and expectations. This document called for Tulane to reevaluate its admission policies and enhance scholarship opportunities for prospective Black students; additionally it asked that community accountability measures such as mandatory diversity training for its police department be put in place and an endorsement of local/national movements like Black Lives Matter are undertaken.

Routing Number & Locations

At MEMBERS Financial Group, our financial solutions are designed to support your personal and professional journey. Banking essentials include checking and savings accounts; lending solutions include auto loans and mortgages; plus we also provide MEMBERS auto and homeowners insurance policies.

Tulane/loyola Credit Union’s American Bankers Association routing number is 265081864 with location code 07021. You can locate this on any checks issued by them. Routing numbers are 9-digit codes used to identify banks and financial institutions during transactions; verifying this prior to initiating electronic transfers will help avoid unnecessary delays or fees that could delay progress.


Tulane-Loyola provides comprehensive banking services designed to meet all of your financial needs, whether that means everyday management of finances, saving for big purchases or planning retirement – our checking accounts offer convenience and security you need for success.

Members can access account and transaction history via our e-Branch service, please refer to our Disclosure and Funds Availability Policy for further details.

At Riverbend Bank we offer more than regular share (membership) accounts: Christmas Club savings and Vacation Club savings accounts are among many available to our members, while you can also save with prepaid debit cards and ATMs are conveniently located both at our main office and Riverbend office locations as well as within Tulane Avenue’s Med School campus lobby.


As a member, you gain access to our full suite of savings account services and loans – from auto to home loans. Furthermore, we have developed the MEMBERS Auto & Homeowners Insurance Program so you can save money while protecting your assets.

At our two office locations and Medical School on Tulane Avenue locations, we provide various clubs to save money apart from your membership share account, such as Christmas Club and Vacation Club Savings. In addition, ATMs are located nearby at both locations for easy use.

Tulane provides discounts to many local businesses and organizations, such as New Orleans Athletic Club (with valid Tulane ID), Reily Recreation Center (discounted semester and annual fees for Tulane employees, spouses/domestic partners, dependent children), Verizon cell service for our members as well as discounts from participating merchants.

Loans & Credit Cards

Tulane-Loyola Federal Credit Union offers personal financial services to its members. Products and services include banking essentials, loans and credit cards, retirement planning solutions and investment solutions – not-for-profit institution.

A university ID provides more than just access to on-campus financial accounts like Splash Cash, Accounts Receivable charging and meal plans – it also grants entry into residence halls, academic buildings and athletic events.

Tulane University provides shuttle service among its campuses, mobile apps for point-to-point transportation and an on-demand bus service called Tulane TapRide for point-to-point and point-to-point travel, two ATMs (one located near its main office and another in its Medical School building on Tulane Avenue) that offer full services and two full ATMs that accept both debit and credit card transactions – these features make their campus services even more efficient than before!

Retirement Planning & Investments

Beyond our traditional checking and savings accounts, we also provide various financial services that meet your unique needs – these include loan options as well as retirement planning and investment services.

Tulane University employees who meet all eligibility requirements may join our credit union, such as faculty, staff, students and volunteers. Furthermore, all registered members of St. Peter Claver Church Parish in Tulane’s main campus on Canal Street as well as some census tract areas near Canal Street may also become members.

Tulane offers a competitive retirement plan administered by TIAA-CREF that ensures full participation of your contributions as soon as you meet Loyola’s eligibility service requirement of one year of service and 1,000 hours worked.






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