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Travis Credit Union Routing Number

Travis Credit Union Routing Number

Travis Credit Union Routing Number 321174903 can be found on any paper check issued by the bank; typically it can be found near the bottom left of each check, although you may also find it on your bank statement or online banking portal. The routing number serves various banking functions including direct deposits, wire transfers, bill payments and so forth.

Credit union routing numbers are unique nine-digit codes that identify their financial institution, often known as an American Banking Association Routing Number or bank Routing Transit Number or Automated Clearing House Routing Number (ACH Routing Number). A routing number may be needed if opening or opening direct deposit with your employer, making electronic payments, or setting up direct deposit with your credit union checking account is desired. You can easily locate it by looking at any checks that have come from them; alternatively you may see your ABA Routing Number printed on their checks at their bottom!

Travis Credit Union offers an expansive network of branches and ATMs across California. You can quickly and easily locate one by going online and clicking “Branches & ATMs.” Once there, simply select your county from the drop-down list of available branches/ATMs in that region.

Travis provides their Call-24 Phone Banking Service so their account holders can gain access at any time of day or night from any telephone worldwide, using it to transfer funds, listen to transaction details and report lost/stolen cards. It’s free, user-friendly and accessible 24/7 from any telephone. With this phone banking option you’re never left wondering what’s happening with their accounts; just use their service whenever it suits.

Travis offers you access to your accounts through its website and mobile apps, providing access to checking, savings and loan accounts as well as loan services. Furthermore, its app makes monitoring finances simple; even setting alerts will notify you of specific changes within your accounts.

Credit union members also can utilize MYINSIGHT, a free money management tool developed by the credit union that allows members to track spending, create budgets and prioritize debt paydown. MYINSIGHT integrates seamlessly with external accounts so you can get an overall view of your financial health; making this an excellent way of controlling finances and saving money.

Getting ready to cancel a preauthorized payment? Contact your member service center three business days in advance of its scheduled debit date and provide the name and account number of both you and the payee, along with their ACH routing number, account number of their bank, as well as information for withdrawal funds from. Remember that cancelling existing transactions won’t happen and that any stop payments must be in writing to both parties and are only effective for a set amount of time.






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