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Trades & Labor Credit Union

Credit unions specialize in offering financial products and services to help their members succeed on their individual journeys, from managing finances, saving for a home or car purchase or retirement plans to offering retirement planning solutions.

Rates may change without notice; please visit each credit union’s website to view their latest rates.

Vision Values & Mission

Trades & Labor Financial is committed to offering personalized and tailored financial products and services that support members on their financial journey, from banking essentials such as checking and savings accounts to lending solutions such as personal loans and auto loans.

As part of its core values of supporting workers in their pursuit of social justice, the Credit Union works in alliance with organizations who share our core values of supporting workers’ pursuit. Examples of such organizations are the Coalition of Labor Union Women: CLUW provides union women a unified voice when discussing shared concerns and taking appropriate actions; Labor Council for Latin American Advancement: LCLAA represents 2 million working people from various industries; Pride at Work (PAW) works alongside labor to advance equality for LGBTQ employees within workplace environments.


Trades & Labor offers financial products and services to help you manage your finances smoothly, from checking services, mobile and online banking services, lending solutions or managing bills and saving for retirement. We focus on offering member-centric financial solutions that support their journey – and improve quality of life.

*E-statements are provided free and easily accessible through Labor CU Online Banking accounts, offering an improved viewing experience that reduces environmental waste while saving on printing paper statements costs.

**Mobile Wallet is free and includes the same rewards and benefits of Labor CU debit cards. Use it with your phone to make contactless payments in-store, in-app or online with just a tap!


Credit unions provide members with a range of savings services designed to help them reach their financial goals, whether that’s creating an emergency savings fund or saving up for vacation – at typically lower interest rates than banks.

BTCU also offers secondary savings accounts that enable members to invest a small portion of each monthly savings payment toward specific goals such as holiday savings, taxes or tuition payments. Members can even label these secondary accounts with an easy-to-remember nickname that serves as a reminder.

BTCU also offers low-cost loans for union members in need of extra cash. Through its Step-Up Loan program, below market rate loans are made available for tools, job training and college education – this program was inspired by founder Edward Filene’s vision that unions and credit unions should join forces in serving employees.

Loans & Credit Cards

Trades & Labor provides comprehensive financial solutions designed to make life easier, whether that means saving for a new home, purchasing a car or creating an emergency fund. Banking essentials include checking and savings accounts as well as an efficient online/mobile banking platform and competitive mortgage, auto loan, and credit card rates.

On top of that, members can take the next step up with below market rate non-profit Step-Up Loans at below market interest rates to buy tools, job training or college tuition. Furthermore, Mobile Wallet – a free service which securely stores credit and debit cards to make paying easier from smartphones or tablets; Pay Anyone allows members to send money instantly – anytime – for free!

Retirement Planning & Investments

The Biden administration is pushing back against “junk fees” that advisors charge Americans saving for retirement through 401(k) plans or individual retirement accounts. Their Labor Department proposal seeks to close loopholes that permit trusted advisors to recommend investments which don’t fit savers’ best interests simply so they can earn higher commissions.

Trades & Labor Credit Union is federally insured by the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) and offers deposit insurance up to $250,000 per account for its members. In addition, quarterly (5300) data reports are filed with NCUA by this Credit Union.

Credit Union Wealth Group, an SEC-registered investment adviser, offers investment products and services. Investments do not represent deposits, obligations or guarantees from or guarantee or insurance by the Credit Union and may lose value over time.






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