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Sunbelt Credit Union is a Community-Focused Financial Institution With Eight Locations and 37,500 Members

Central Sunbelt Credit Union is a community-focused financial institution with eight locations and over 37,500 members, originally founded as Masonite Employees Federal Credit Union and adopting its current name of Central Sunbelt in 1983. Membership eligibility extends to individuals living or working within Jones, Pike, Simpson, Wayne Covington Forest or Lamar Counties or Hattiesburg Public School District employees as well as over 150 select employer groups.

Mission of this company: providing its membership with high-quality loans at reasonable costs as well as savings accounts and other services that meet their needs. Services provided include checking and saving accounts, personal loans, mortgages/lines of credit/business loans/mobile banking etc. Additionally it offers full range of electronic processing services – debit card/ATM network management among others – along with life insurance products and investment products.

Sunbelt Credit Union stands out from the major banks by being an autonomous, not-for-profit organization owned by its members, making them eligible to offer lower loan rates to consumers than banks that operate as for-profit businesses – often adding multiple fees onto loan products to cover operating costs and make money for shareholders.

Sunbelt Credit Union stands out from the competition by providing members with a comprehensive suite of benefits via their credit cards. Sunbelt recently conducted a poll among their members to see which perks were most popular; some like cash back savings while others are drawn more toward free buyer’s protection warranties or cell phone insurance as rewards.

Sunbelt Credit Union recognized this, and made changes to their credit card offerings in early 2018 in order to make them even more appealing to their membership base. Not only have they reduced rates and waived some fees, they have also introduced free identity theft protection and cell phone coverage into the mix.

Sunbelt Credit Union has taken many steps toward becoming the number one credit union in Mississippi with their recent changes and investments in new technology that will assist their team better serve members, such as Share One’s NS3 core system which was specifically designed to offer an easy transition process that won’t create a learning curve upon conversion and give staff members all of the tools necessary for continued innovation and membership growth.






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