Save. Plan. Retire.

Summit Credit Union Beaver Dam

Summit Credit Union strives to transform wishful thinking and procrastination into planning, doing and experiencing. Their new headquarters reflects this goal by creating an inspiring space for both employees and members alike.

Adhere to information security policies and procedures and document them. Engage in vulnerability management activities and report findings back to other team members.

Vision Values & Mission

Summit Credit Union prides itself on creating an outstanding company culture for employees. Employees are treated with dignity and given ample latitude and freedom in carrying out their duties well, while training courses are encouraged as part of this experience.

Leadership Beaver Dam’s 2023-2024 class began this month and participants are being immersed in ideas, issues and people that are vital to its future. The program meets nine times annually over 12 months to explore history of city, its strengths and challenges as well as individual personality traits, leadership behaviors and core values of participants.

Participants included Shannon Koeley-Beaver Dam Chamber of Commerce, Kristine Klodowski-Klodowski Real Estate, Abby Klodowski-American Family Insurance, Tiffany Dolson-American Family Insurance, Sheila Pulice-Bestway Driving Academy and Chad Whalley from Beaver Dam Unified School District.

Routing Number & Locations

Summit Credit Union provides solutions that transform wishes into plans, actions, and experiences. While they provide traditional products like checking/savings accounts, credit cards, home loans etc, Summit CU goes above and beyond by providing guidance, education tools and one-on-one coaching that help you realize your goals and dreams.

Summit Credit Union of Madison, Wisconsin currently holds an ABA number of 275979034 and can also provide other useful details, including contact details, operating hours, membership eligibility criteria, online banking services status updates and additional member resources.

Summit operates under a state charter in Wisconsin and welcomes residents within its boundaries.


Summit offers checking accounts designed specifically to meet the needs of students, featuring low fees and benefits tailored specifically for them. Their savings accounts offer savings for future expenses while student loan accounts are insured by NCUA under Summit’s state charter. Visit their website for more information about all their products – they also provide reviews, hours, contact details, financials status reports as well as additional member resources in Beaver Dam and Wisconsin in general! They’re located at 104 Frances Lane Beaver Dam WI 53916.


The credit union boasts an excellent approval rate for loans, low pick rates and below average fees, while also offering various financial services to residents in Beaver Dam, Wisconsin such as savings accounts, checking accounts and credit cards.

One way that Summit Credit Union encourages its members to speed up and reduce monthly loan payments is saving for a down payment.

As part of its effort to help its members save, the credit union initiated an initiative known as Pay It Forward. People visiting its branches were asked to give away $10 bills as part of this program.

Loans & Credit Cards

Summit Credit Union helps its members move from “wishing, waiting and wondering” to planning, doing and experiencing. Offering all of the essentials such as checking and savings accounts while going beyond that with financial guidance tools and one-on-one coaching.

Compare it with other lenders, it boasts an above-average pick rate and below-average fees. Furthermore, this lender offers low auto loan interest rates and various credit card offerings.

Summit Beaver Dam’s branch office can be found at 104 Frances Lane. Visit their official website to gain information on operating hours, membership eligibility criteria, service status updates, contact info and any available member resources.

Retirement Planning & Investments

Summit Credit Union operates under a state charter and is headquartered in Madison, Wisconsin. The credit union offers tailored financial services tailored specifically to residents within its boundaries – offering loans such as automobile, home equity, personal, student and business loans along with banking and investment products as well as life insurance and wealth management services. Summit also maintains an online presence and mobile app – its Beaver Dam branch can be found at 104 Frances Lane with phone number being (888) 478-6533 – its website features an interactive map as well as details such as TOM code eligibility information as well as membership eligibility criteria – make Summit an integral part of its communities of membership and financial inclusion!






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