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Staley Credit Union in Decatur IL

Credit unions offer an ideal way to save money and enjoy financial independence. From competitive savings and loan rates, to ATM access and open branches 6 days a week – credit unions provide everything needed for successful savings and loan decisions at attractive rates – from mobile banking apps, ATM access near your neighborhood and not-for-profit status (they pass their profits back onto members as higher savings rates and reduced loan rates), as well as branches that operate six days a week – there’s something special about credit unions! One great example is Staley Credit Union in Decatur Illinois offering checking accounts, savings/money market accounts/IRAs/VISA credit cards mortgage/home equity loans/new/used vehicle loans/personal loans/online/mobile banking among many products/services!

The Staley Credit Union is a not-for-profit financial cooperative established in 1930 to offer employees of A.E. Staley Manufacturing Company a safe place to save their money and secure low cost loans. Based on a philosophy of people helping people, today its membership benefits from this practice.

As a member, you become part of a community who share financial success. That is why Staley Credit Union is dedicated to offering exceptional service to all our members – with products and services tailored specifically to meet your needs.

No matter if it’s for replacing an older car, purchasing one with all of the latest features, or financing an extensive home improvement project – we have a loan for you at the lowest possible interest rate. In fact, we can pre-approve you before going to a dealership, saving time and allowing you to shop confidently with confidence. Plus we provide GAP Advantage which covers your loan balance up to $1,000 should the vehicle become totaled or stolen.

At our bank, we also offer high-yield, short-term certificates that offer competitive dividend rates with easy withdrawal options when needed. In addition, traditional and Roth IRAs provide tax-deferred savings opportunities. And finally, our money market account offers higher yield than regular share draft accounts without monthly fees for accessing funds when necessary.

Are You Banking Online and/or Mobilely? Now You Can! Take the hassle out of banking from the comfort of your own home with free online and mobile banking with us! Simply follow the link below and register. Plus, our Bill Pay service makes paying all of your bills easier by eliminating the need to come into branches or write checks; plus we offer an easy mobile deposit app so you can make deposits wherever life takes you!






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