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Sioux Valley Credit Union

Navigating your finances more easily with our comprehensive range of financial services – checking and savings accounts, mobile and online banking as well as loans and investment options such as IRAs are available to make life simpler.

Credit unions typically provide lower loan fees and rates as well as superior customer service than banks, though larger banks may have more products and services available to them.


Credit unions are at the core of local communities and dedicated to serving their members. Their motto–forward together–encapsulates this notion perfectly: working towards creating a brighter future for all.

Kathy Darwin brings over 30 years of experience to strategic planning and consulting for credit unions and non-profit organizations, with an individualized process tailored to these industries and a proven record of success.

SVCU has chosen Fiserv’s technology ecosystem, including core account processing, digital and mobile banking, debit/credit card processing and more. Working together with Portico, this will ensure enhanced member experiences while streamlining IT processes. For more information please visit

Values & Mission

Credit unions are financial institutions owned and governed by its members, offering various services and benefits such as checking accounts, loans and mortgages as well as online/mobile banking options to enable members to manage their finances efficiently.

Sioux Valley Community Credit Union, federally insured and regulated by the NCUA, features a net worth ratio of 7.41 and serves customers in Watertown, South Dakota. Established in 1953 and currently headquartered there, Sioux Valley Community CU boasts assets worth $38 Million.


Sioux Valley Coop Federal Credit Union provides a full range of financial services, from checking and savings accounts with competitive interest rates to loans such as mortgages and auto loans – plus convenient online and mobile banking tools.

Credit unions also provide ATMs to help their members manage their money more easily, often located near branch locations and offering several advantages over traditional bank ATMs, including lower fees and increased security.

Employees at the credit union participate in Casual for Cancer each October – an initiative supporting the June E. Nylen Cancer Center which offers services to those impacted by cancer in our local communities.


Sioux Valley provides a full suite of banking services, from savings and checking accounts to mortgages and auto loans. In addition, Sioux Valley also provides online and mobile banking capabilities.

Credit union ATMs can be found throughout a community and provide members access to their funds 24 hours a day, every day of the year. While these machines typically charge fees when used by nonmembers, many offer membership-exclusive services at no cost to its members.

Sioux Valley participates annually in Casual for Cancer, encouraging employees to wear jeans and pink clothing in support of June E. Nylen Cancer Center. Donations can also be made outside their paycheck contributions; Sioux Valley also offers a Save for Christmas Club Account which earns dividends.

Loans & Credit Cards

SVCCU has the financial solutions you need, from planning your next adventure and purchasing a car, to starting retirement savings accounts and mortgages, auto loans and credit cards.

Credit Union members can rely on us to improve their finances with competitive and transparent rates and products from deposit accounts to loans at our Credit Union. All deposit and loan data above is derived from quarterly (5300) data reports filed with National Credit Union Administration (NCUA).

Credit unions with higher Texas Ratios typically possess greater reserves and capital to cover potential losses. *This ratio may differ from the actual loans at risk at any given time.

Retirement Planning & Investments

No matter if it is saving for retirement or creating an emergency fund, we have accounts designed to help your money grow. Discover which account best meets your needs today.

Plaintiffs contend that CPC and its defendants breached their fiduciary duties by altering its financial records to erase accrued debt of its Plans from CPC’s financial records, using it as leverage during merger negotiations with Sioux Valley, and leading to zero funding after the merger. However, defendants argue they were not acting as ERISA fiduciaries during these talks and that eliminating contingent, nonvested debt of Plans did not violate ERISA; furthermore they point out evidence showing how this debt could have been paid from other sources without jeopardizing other assets owned by either party.






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