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RRCU Credit Union Offers Visa Credit Cards and E-Statements

When we think of innovation, our minds may wander toward young sofa-surfers living from paycheck to paycheck until they make it big and revolutionize an industry. That isn’t the type of innovation credit unions are interested in supporting.

Credit unions are cooperatives that pool members’ money (technically, they purchase shares in the cooperative) in order to provide loans and demand deposit accounts to members. Furthermore, they’re exempt from paying corporate income taxes.

Visa(r) Credit Card

RRCU provides Visa credit cards tailored to fit the lifestyle and needs of its members, offering all of the security and benefits associated with Visa cards. Explore your options then apply online or contact us today!

Revvi Visa card keeps it straightforward by offering 1% cash back on purchases made across all categories. Even those with low credit scores may qualify, making this an excellent way to build credit without needing a deposit. There is a $75 annual fee and monthly participation fee of $48 that come with using this card.

Earn three percent (3%) cash back on net purchases made at restaurants/restaurant delivery services, gas stations, electric vehicle charging stations and office supply stores; two percent (2%) on gas purchases and one percent (1%) for all other net purchases made with your card issuer’s Guide to Benefits for more details of their program details. Certain restrictions, limitations and exclusions may apply – please consult with them directly for full program details.

Visa Secure

Visa Secure allows online shoppers to verify their identities using an one-time passcode during purchases from participating merchants, providing protection from unauthorized purchases in your account. It’s a free service for both credit and debit cardholders alike.

To use this service, you need a mobile phone number capable of receiving text messages and be willing to receive text message notifications from us. Any applicable carrier data charges may also apply.

Credit cards provide many advantages that can help you manage your money and build up your credit. They’re an invaluable tool in emergencies or for large purchases; but selecting the appropriate card can be daunting task.

With an UPSEFCU card, you can earn rewards on daily spending while taking advantage of competitive interest rates and having peace-of-mind knowing your account is protected. Plus, your card gives you access to nearly 30,000 ATMs nationwide that don’t charge surcharge fees and allows you to access both checking and savings accounts at 5,000+ shared branches!


E-Statements keep your statements out of the mailbox and secure in an online portal, giving you instantaneous access whenever needed, plus saving them to your computer or printing them out if desired. E-Statements are free and reduce risk by keeping statements out of physical mailboxes.

To enroll in eStatements, log into eBranch and click the eDocuments link located in the top menu bar. When your statement is ready to view, an email notification will arrive via iBranch with up to twelve months worth of E-Documents in its history.

At any time, you can withdraw your consent for electronic documents at any time – though if this occurs we cannot offer paper versions as alternatives for your records. If you decide to withdraw it please reach out to the credit union as this reduces waste while being quick, convenient, and available sooner.

CO-OP Network

As part of your credit union membership, you become part owner and may benefit from lower fees and rates as well as access to shared branches and ATMs that come in handy when traveling for work or pleasure.

The CO-OP network allows members from one credit union to conduct banking transactions at other participating credit unions nationwide, including deposits and withdrawals in person as well as loan repayment. There are 5,480 locations nationwide that make up this shared branch network – making it the second-largest nationwide network in America.

CO-OP has set new sales records for card processing clients and introduced innovative new member solutions like IDCheck by Co-op – an advanced data-driven fraud detection system to protect credit union members against identity theft. CO-OP also combined its client advisory teams and co-creation Councils, uniting debit processing leader CO-OP and TMG’s credit card processing solutions into one cohesive entity in April 2017 when it consolidated client advisory teams and unveiled the relaunched Co-creation Councils relaunch.






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