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Riverview Credit Union Marietta Ohio

Riverview Credit Union is a not-for-profit financial cooperative providing banking services. Membership eligibility extends to anyone living, working, worshipping or attending school in Washington, Noble Morgan Monroe Counties of Ohio as well as Wood Ritchie Wirt Jackson Counties in West Virginia; immediate family of members also qualify.

Vision Values & Mission

Riverview Credit Union employs a team of employees that are thoroughly knowledgeable in every aspect of its operation. Their dedicated employees can assist you with all your financial needs – you’ll feel assured knowing you’re dealing with people who care deeply for their members and community.

RCU also collaborated with Ramsey Education to offer local schools free access to Dave Ramsey’s Foundations of Personal Finance curriculum, designed as part of his nationally syndicated radio show and personal finance expert role. This financial literacy program helps teach children how to effectively manage their funds and plan for the future.

Marietta- Acme Street Branch can be found at 39 Acme Street and offers access to contact details, hours, membership eligibility criteria, online banking details, financial details, service status updates and additional member resources.

Routing Number & Locations

Our Credit Union’s ABA Routing Number is 244563684, this nine-digit number uniquely identifies us. When depositing checks or making payments this is your key to being processed smoothly.

Riverview Credit Union (RCU) is committed to providing its members with superior service at every touchpoint, and this website was developed with that aim in mind. Here, visitors will find useful and current information that meets this commitment.

RCU will open two full-service offices within a year – one in Mineral Wells on one of West Virginia’s busiest roadways and another near Warren’s IGA on Muskingum Drive in Marietta.


Pearl Fornarino and her husband George established Riverview Credit Union in 1968 in their basement home, eventually expanding it with family involvement to occupy a 3,800-square-foot facility in Belpre, Ohio.

Riverview authorizes and pays transactions using your available balance in your account, which includes funds on hold as well as any Overdraft Privilege limits (if applicable). If a debit card transaction exceeds this available balance, an Overdraft Fee may apply.

Riverview membership is open to any individual living, working, worshipping or attending school in Washington County of Ohio or Wood, Pleasants Ritchie Wirt counties of West Virginia as well as immediate family members of current Riverview members.


Credit unions strive to offer their members a range of savings services, such as share certificates, money market accounts and IRAs. Additionally, health savings accounts enable members to pay pre-tax for medical expenses.

Riverview Credit Union is a family-owned and operated business. Their team of hardworking individuals are well trained in all areas of business operations, while still knowing their specific roles to provide members with exceptional service. Riverview also partners with Polaris Portfolios for investment management services that offer both self-guided as well as fiduciary investment advice services.

Loans & Credit Cards

Riverview Bank provides a selection of loan and credit card products, subject to credit approval. Terms & conditions may apply.

Skip payments may only be utilized twice in any calendar year and cannot be applied towards loans that include Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP). Members cannot use skip payments if their loan is more than 90 days past due or they have an account with a negative balance.

Riverview membership remains open to those residing, working, worshiping and attending schools within Washington, Noble Morgan or Monroe Counties of Ohio; Wood, Ritchie Wirt or Jackson Counties in West Virginia and any immediate family of Riverview members; however immediate family members of members remain eligible.

Retirement Planning & Investments

Riverview and Polaris Portfolios have come together to provide first-rate member support and fiduciary investment advice, with members having the choice between self-guided investing experiences or working directly with an advisor.

Membership to Riverview Credit Union is open to anyone living, working, worshipping or attending school in Washington, Noble Morgan Monroe Counties of Ohio or West Virginia Wood Ritchie Wirt Jackson counties as well as immediate family members of current Riverview members who qualify. Riverview provides vital community assistance and is dedicated to helping its area residents prosper; visit their website for details regarding eligibility and other services they provide.






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