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Riegel Federal Credit Union

Riegel Federal Credit Union is a non-profit financial institution owned by its members, with their voice having an equal say in shaping its policies through elections and meetings.

Riegel FCU is proud to be part of the CO-OP Network. Members can use their VISA Check or ATM Card at participating CO-OP ATMs without incurring a surcharge*; standard text messaging rates may apply, though. Riegel also offers student loan consolidation and refinancing through cuStudentLoans.


Riegel Federal Credit Union was established by employees at Riegel Paper in 1960. Since that time, we’ve embraced our credit union roots by providing financial solutions tailored to Hunterdon County residents.

Credit unions are non-profit organizations owned and run by their members and volunteers, typically offering higher savings and loan rates than banks and up to $250,000 worth of protection via National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) insurance just like FDIC bank accounts.

RIB Bill Pay now allows users to expedite payments to your payees when necessary.

Values & Mission

Riegel Federal Credit Union is a non-profit financial institution run and owned by its members. Members elect representatives to the Board of Directors and Supervisory Committee – these volunteers establish and oversee policy, management and operations while also inspecting and auditing records of the Credit Union.

Established in 1960, Hunterdon County Credit Union offers a small community experience. Celebrating its philosophy of people helping each other, the Credit Union assists residents of Hunterdon County become financially literate while offering savings and loan products at all of its branches – Milford, Clinton, Flemington and Plumsteadville respectively.

Routing Number & Locations

Riegel Federal Credit Union is a non-profit financial institution, chartered and regulated by the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA). Members are owners and their elected representatives oversee the general direction and operations of the Credit Union as well as create policies.

Routing Transit Numbers, commonly referred to as ABA Routing Numbers, are nine digit identifiers which identify which financial institution a payment will be drawn against. For Riegel Federal Credit Union this ABA routing number is 221276697.

Riegel Federal Credit Union ATMs can be found across New Jersey. Our machines are part of the CO-OP Network and you can find one in any one of over 33,000 locations nationwide.


Credit unions provide individuals who desire more personalized and customized financial institutions with savings accounts that offer better rates than banks as well as socially responsible banking that prioritizes local community and environmental concerns.

Riegel Federal Credit Union provides members with a range of checking services, from online and mobile banking, to ATM location search capabilities on its RFCU mobile app. Members can manage their account any time and anywhere using this convenient feature while using their Visa Check Card at over 33,000 ATMs across CO-OP Network free of charge (though standard text message fees may apply), while eStatements are stored online as PDF documents for easy viewing or printing.


Riegel Federal Credit Union provides its members with an array of savings services. Members can save for the future in an interest-bearing share account or utilize funds as security against personal loans for lower rates.

This organization also offers its members a mobile app to manage their accounts remotely, such as switching between savings and checking accounts or finding ATM locations nearby.

Credit unions differ from banks in that they are mutual companies owned by their members and thus can offer better savings rates and loan products than their traditional counterparts.

Loans & Credit Cards

Credit unions typically offer higher savings and loan rates than banks, plus are usually located locally or regionally for added personal interaction.

Riegel Credit Union offers its members a share secured loan that works similar to traditional personal/signature loans but where funds remain frozen in your account and earn interest. They also offer the Riegel Crown Account home equity line of credit which gives you access to funds when needed.

Riegel Credit Union operates four ATM’s in Hunterdon County that are free to use with an RFCU VISA Check card and part of the CO-OP Network which boasts over 28,000 ATMs across North America (fees may apply).

Retirement Planning & Investments

Credit unions are co-operative companies owned by their members, making them more financially advantageous than banks that must operate as businesses. Furthermore, most credit unions provide more personalized service as many are located locally or regionally.

Since 1960, Riegel Federal Credit Union has provided its members with superior financial options. Recently it merged with both Riegelwood Federal Credit Union in Leland and Columbus Counties of North Carolina and Hamlet Federal Credit Union located in Richmond & Scotland counties of South Carolina for even greater services to members.






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