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Potlatch Credit Union

Potlatch Credit Union, a non-profit financial cooperative headquartered in Lewiston, Idaho and serving communities throughout Idaho as well as parts of Oregon and Washington states, offers financial services to its members. Their products and services include savings accounts, checking accounts, investment accounts, loans, credit cards and ATMs – products which may all help their members secure the future they desire.

Since 2008, this credit union has expanded its services and product offerings while simultaneously growing market share, especially within Idaho. Furthermore, its capital position was further strengthened through raising primary and secondary capital issues between 2021-2022, including one of the country’s largest secondary capital issues ever undertaken by any organization in this sector.

Potlatch Credit Union employees enjoy working there and the company is often recognized as one of Idaho’s top employers based on government and proprietary data regarding salaries, job satisfaction and company culture. Anyone interested in applying to work there should visit its website for more information.

Potlatch Forests Inc. employees pooled their money together and formed the credit union in 1938 as a way of offering loans to those underserved by larger banks. While initially its service area consisted of 12 Idaho counties only, today it extends across 27 Idaho and Oregon counties and Washington as a whole.

P1FCU has grown into an established community-based financial institution offering an expansive selection of personal banking and business services to its over 119,000 members. P1FCU operates an extensive branch network as well as providing mobile services that support them 24/7.

The Lewiston Tribune reported that the company is also considering switching to a state charter so as to expand into four additional Idaho counties and possibly Oregon and Washington as well. Such an action would allow branches in Payette, Gem, Washington and Adams counties in Idaho as well as Oregon and Washington where both have regulatory reciprocity with Idaho.

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