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Port City Federal Credit Union

Port City Federal Credit Union of Muskegon, MI provides its members with banking essentials and loan solutions as a federally insured financial institution.

The National Credit Union Administration (NCUA) requires all insured credit unions to file quarterly (5300) data reports; this data was extracted from those reports.

Vision Values & Mission

NCUA recently revamped its organizational structure in order to increase efficiency and effectiveness. They consolidated field-of-membership, credit union development, grants and loans programs, chartering processes and minority depository institution programs into an Office of Credit Union Resources and Expansion for greater efficiencies and effectiveness.

Sept 20, 2021 – The NCUA Board approves a rule permitting low-income designated credit unions, complex credit unions and new credit unions to issue subordinated debt instruments as regulatory capital instruments for regulatory capital treatment. Additionally, low-income designated credit unions may use part of their secondary reserves for meeting member capital needs.

The NCUA Board today conserved two major corporate credit unions, enabling them to manage catastrophic investment losses while continuing critical liquidity and payment services to consumer-owned credit unions. Furthermore, it restructured their temporary liquidity guarantee program for greater long-term viability.


Port City Federal Credit Union offers an array of checking services, such as mobile and online banking. In addition, this institution offers various other essential banking products, such as savings accounts and lending solutions.

Credit union routing numbers can usually be found on the bottom of checks, either before or after an account number, enclosed within brackets that resemble frowning faces.

Port City Credit Union members enjoy easy and efficient bill pay options with Port City CU, such as CU*Easy Pay! This service is available free to any member with an active checking account and can be used without restrictions or requirements. Alternatively, members can visit our full-service branch in Muskegon to access account information or obtain assistance with financial challenges; additionally we maintain offices in Union City Michigan for member convenience.


Savings accounts offer attractive rates and convenient services such as online and mobile banking, earning dividends as an added incentive to help reach your financial goals more quickly. Plus, they’re federally insured up to $250,000 by the National Credit Union Administration, an official U.S. government agency.

Port City Federal Credit Union offers more than the basics in terms of banking services – they also provide loan solutions like personal, auto, and mortgage loans as well as savings opportunities like individual retirement accounts (IRAs). Use their Auto Loan Calculator online to estimate monthly payments or contact one of their loan representatives directly for more details; rates may change at any time and quarterly (5300) data reports must be filed with National Credit Union Administration for regulatory approval.

Loans & Credit Cards

Port City Federal Credit Union provides its members with a range of financial services that support them along their journey, from basic banking services and personal loans to mortgages and competitive interest rates with convenient online banking tools to help manage their funds effectively.

Log into your online account at Port City Federal Credit Union by clicking on their “Online Banking” or “Login” button – usually found near the top right corner. After signing in, you can perform various actions such as checking balances, managing transactions, and making payments.

Port City Federal Credit Union stands out among 4,109 startups in the US by raising $132M through 19 rounds from three investors and being valued at an unknown figure.

Retirement Planning & Investments

No matter your retirement or future goals, our experts offer tailored retirement and investment plans tailored specifically for you.

On October 1st, NCUA established two bridge corporate credit unions in order to protect consumer-owned credit unions and ensure an orderly closure over 24 months.

Individual and family share accounts are individually insured up to $250,000 at each federally insured credit union, while IRA and Roth IRA accounts and Keogh accounts can each be individually covered up to $250,000. Naming beneficiaries doesn’t increase insurance coverage on these types of accounts, although irrevocable trust accounts are covered, provided all owners or beneficiaries are members.






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