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Peoples Trust Credit Union

Credit unions differ from banks by being non-profit financial institutions owned by their members and providing lower borrowing rates and increased savings yields.

Consider your personal accessibility needs when selecting a credit union, its branch and ATM network as well as their annual percentage yield rates for optimal rates.


Credit unions are non-profit financial institutions dedicated to serving their members. Each year, members vote in an election of directors that establish policies and goals as well as savings and loan interest rates that often offer more competitive interest rates than banks do.

Core values at our company include integrity, respect, and excellence. In addition, it believes in providing equal opportunity to all its employees and applicants regardless of race, color, sex, religion, gender identity or expression, national origin/ancestry/ancestry status/ancestry heritage/disability status/sexual orientation status/age or military and veteran status.


Credit unions offer many advantages that banks cannot match, such as lower savings account rates and loan interest rates, greater community involvement, and financial literacy initiatives.

To join a credit union, it is necessary to meet certain eligibility requirements. Usually this involves providing identification documents and opening a primary share account (typically between $5 to $25 in cost).

Once you open a share account at a credit union, you can take advantage of its products and services. Most credit unions also have local service centers where you can ask any questions or voice any concerns that arise.


Peoples Trust Company offers checking services that enable members to securely and efficiently access their money. Deposit, withdraw and transfer funds using online and mobile banking while receiving customized eAlerts for account activities.

Peoples Trust Credit Union of Arkansas is dedicated to alleviating economic inequality, offering financial services that address underserved populations, income levels and geographies that often face barriers at traditional financial institutions. With national reach through an expanding network of locations, Peoples Trust stands as an inclusive alternative that bridges economic disparity.


Credit unions provide competitive interest rates on savings accounts and money market deposit accounts. Furthermore, they have low borrowing rates and offer higher yields on savings products like share certificates.

Banks tend to offer better local service with personalized interactions than credit unions, although credit unions may have fewer branches and ATMs than banks (although many networks combine multiple branches together).

Banks on the other hand tend to provide more diverse product lineups and advanced digital tools, more ATMs and branches, lower APY savings accounts with higher APYs as well as loans at competitive rates.


Peoples Trust Credit Union provides loans tailored specifically to your personal needs, from home equity lines of credit to consolidate debt or low-interest personal loans.

Arlo Washington founded this community-based financial institution to offer traditional credit union services to low-income communities in Arkansas. As a federally chartered, full-service credit union with an NCUA charter and Share Insurance coverage, its services are made accessible. Furthermore, this credit union is sponsored by People Trust Community Loan Fund to aid small businesses located in low-income areas.

Credit Cards

Credit union credit cards provide their members with various member perks, such as rewards programs, zero fraud liability and purchase protection. Some cards even come equipped with complimentary years of Amazon Prime, no foreign transaction fees and signup bonuses!

Peoples Trust offers a VISA Credit Card with competitive rates, no annual fee and mobile purchasing app that members can apply for in specific areas, referred by another member or employed at one of its partner companies. Furthermore, Peoples Trust also offers checking and savings accounts as additional services.

Retirement Planning

Crafting a successful retirement plan requires setting clear goals, conducting an honest evaluation of where you stand financially and looking at things from multiple perspectives. Our Wealth Advisors will work closely with you to explore your dreams while taking into account current financial realities before offering guidance that will assist in making decisions for the future.

Finding an account tailored specifically to your retirement savings goals may be challenging. Let us assist in finding an account which best meets them!

IRA accounts allow you to postpone the payment of taxes on investments until they are withdrawn.






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