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Oteen VA Credit Union

Oteen VA Federal Credit Union operates as a credit union, offering banking essentials like checking and savings accounts as well as lending solutions like personal loans and mortgages.

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Vision Values & Mission

Oteen VA Federal Credit Union strives to be the financial institution of choice for our members by offering personalized solutions designed specifically to enhance their financial journeys. This includes banking essentials like checking and savings accounts, convenient online and mobile tools, competitive rates and fees as well as lending solutions tailored specifically for different stages of life. In addition, we believe in giving back through volunteerism and financial education initiatives based out of Virginia where Oteen VA Federal Credit Union resides.

Routing Number & Locations

253176794 is the ABA bank routing number for OTEEN V A FED CREDIT UNION and can be used to transfer money between checking and savings accounts. This number may also be known as its Routing Transit Number or as its American Bankers Association Number (ABAN).

Asheville Credit Union provides online banking, loans, savings accounts and various other services in North Carolina.

Explore Oteen VA Federal Credit Union’s detailed financial performance data, such as ratios and metrics from their 2nd Quarter 2023 NCUA Call Report.


Oteen VA Federal Credit Union operates as a financial cooperative. They offer deposit accounts, investment services, loans, insurance policies and security. Oteen VA Federal Credit Union serves the communities located throughout North Carolina.

VACU offers customized checking products designed to make managing your money effortless, from digital banking to paper checks and beyond. Take advantage of its wide range of loan solutions including personal and auto loans, home equity lines of credit, savings accounts and retirement planning; use their online banker to see just how much money can be saved when switching over.


Oteen VA Credit Union provides savings account services designed to assist its members on their financial journeys, with competitive rates and convenient features that help reach goals more rapidly. In addition, they also offer lending solutions tailored to fit lifestyle needs of its members.

Our Credit Union is NCUA insured, and its Texas Ratio represents both assets at risk and reserves that exist to cover loan losses. This data comes directly from NCUA quarterly (5300) reports.

Oteen VA Credit Union has not raised funding rounds yet; its nearest competitors include Morgan Chase Bank and Bank of America.

Loans & Credit Cards

Oteen VA provides comprehensive financial solutions for any of your needs – be they buying a home, car or starting an education fund. Essential banking essentials like checking and savings accounts as well as online and mobile banking tools help make managing finances easy.

Mastercard credit cards provide attractive perks and features such as cash back rewards and security features. Apply and manage your card easily online through Oteen VA. They also provide auto loans and mortgages. Ensure your good standing by monitoring balances regularly, paying bills on time, and reporting any suspicious activity immediately.

Retirement Planning & Investments

Oteen VA Credit Union was founded in 1931 and is headquartered in Asheville, North Carolina. Their services range from banking and investment accounts, insurance/security solutions, lending solutions and credit cards – as well as community outreach activities across North Carolina.

BestCashCow’s comprehensive financial statement gives an institution’s finances an in-depth review, using data from the NCUA Call Report (NCUA 5300). This report gives you a more complete picture of its finances, such as its net worth ratio – showing you exactly how much is available for loan losses.

Oteen VA Credit Union has not raised any funding rounds to date.






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