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Oklahoma Federal Credit Union

Credit unions are financial institutions that offer various banking services. Unlike banks, however, credit unions typically have membership requirements which allow for customized services – making them an ideal way for those looking to save and grow their money.

The 303085528 ABA check routing number can be found on any paper check, or by logging in to your online banking account.

Vision Values & Mission

Credit unions are cooperative financial institutions owned and run by their members. Members contribute funds known as shares to the credit union in return for ownership rights and democratic control over its affairs; members exercise this control by electing board and committee members.

Calvin Smith was inspired to help improve their finances when working at Tulsa Postal Employees Credit Union and established it.

Established on a strong sense of community, Green Country Credit Union continues to serve its members in innovative ways. For instance, soon a branch office will open in Glenpool – one of Green Country’s fastest-growing cities – providing tech-forward, lean and green financial headquarters complete with coworking space and lending services.

Routing Number & Locations

Routing numbers are 9-digit codes used to identify banks. Routing numbers can be found on direct deposits, online banking transactions, wire transfers, ACH (Automated Clearing House) payments and bill payments; as well as helping ensure payments reach their intended destinations on time.

Your OUFCU routing number can be found on checks, online banking statements or bank statements as well as by logging into its website. Use this table to search for an ABA routing number by bank name or location – its first two digits designate which Federal Reserve bank your electronic and wire transfers will go through.


Credit unions provide an innovative banking option designed to align more closely with your financial goals. We offer expert answers to personal finance questions as well as timely tips on relevant money topics.

Be a member today and experience all of its perks! From rewarding checking/savings accounts and low loan rates, we have you covered throughout your journey. Our members always come first!

Oklahoma Central provides you with access to your account no matter where life takes you. Our online and mobile banking platforms make managing finances convenient – our financial calculators even allow for informed financial decision-making that keeps in line with your budget!


Savings accounts provide the ideal platform for building emergency funds, saving for holidays or major purchases, earning interest and providing peace of mind. Some financial institutions even offer interest-bearing accounts that make things even better!

Credit unions may provide savings and time deposit rates that are comparable to local banks and online savings banks, though rates may be slightly lower and additional fees should be taken into consideration.

Members are the owners of a credit union and deposit accounts allow members to vote on matters such as elections and important decisions. Many credit unions also provide special accounts for children, students and teachers.

Loans & Credit Cards

Credit unions differ from banks by being not-for-profit financial institutions governed democratically through deposits (known as shares) from members, who then exercise democratic control through voting on its officers. Credit unions provide services such as checking accounts, savings accounts, loans and credit cards – offering members various financial solutions tailored specifically for them.

Convenient loan options with competitive rates and fees, local rewards, no balance transfer fees and cash back opportunities make our cards ideal companions to everyday life. Plus our mobile app Mobiliti gives you complete access to your account from any device at any time; making managing money simpler than ever.

Retirement Planning & Investments

At our member-owned and controlled financial cooperative, we operate with the philosophy that one member, one vote. Member deposits known as shares serve as primary funding and are used to elect board members. Investment products offered through CUSO Financial Services LLC (CFS) a registered broker-dealer/SEC registered investment advisor member of FINRA/SIPC are non-deposit products not federally insured; there may be risks involved including possible principal loss.

Oklahoma City offers an energetic culture and welcoming community that makes it an ideal location to retire in. Our retirement planning services can help you meet your retirement goals while managing any potential bumps along the way.






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