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Mutual First Federal Credit Union

Credit unions are non-profit financial cooperatives owned and governed by members. They’re overseen by both federal and state regulatory authorities.

Credit unions typically provide lower loan rates, reduced or no fees and higher annual percentage yields (APY) on savings accounts than banks do, as well as putting strong emphasis on community support. By getting preapproved for an auto loan you may gain an edge at dealership.


No matter if you are new or an existing member, our aim is to deliver exceptional service that improves your financial wellbeing through products and services we offer.

Unleash the power of Digital Banking on both desktop and mobile, to simplify money management. Access all your accounts, monitor debit card activity and more from a streamlined dashboard.

Credit unions are not-for-profit institutions that serve their members, who also act as owners. Conversely, mutual savings banks are profit-making businesses which pay out dividends to shareholders. Both institutions offer similar services; their primary difference lies in how each generates income.

Mission & Values

Education of members on all products and services available within our credit union in a courteous, professional manner; promotion of thrift and cooperative principles through credit union philosophy; opening new accounts efficiently for members and promptly responding to daily inquiries/needs from members; maintaining accurate transaction records – these are our objectives as a credit union staff.

NCUA requires all Credit unions insured by the National Credit Union Share Insurance Fund (NCUSIF) to submit quarterly (5300) data reports, which provide an in-depth snapshot of their financial position at any particular point in time and include deposit and loan rates as of that moment in time based on information reported to NCUA by their financial institution.


Mutual First Federal Credit Union provides an array of banking services, from checking with courtesy pay overdraft protection to savings, money market and club accounts – in addition to mortgage, personal, auto and small business loans – and local service with stable investments that prioritize protecting customers over short-term profits. Customers appreciate Mutual First’s dedication to long-term security over short-term profits.

Employees at the bank are deeply engaged with their community, supporting four charitable organizations annually: Food Bank for the Heartland, ALS in the Heartland and Nebraska Humane Society. Furthermore, they offer free financial seminars for community members.


Financial products and services come in all forms; you have numerous choices when it comes to checking accounts, savings accounts and credit cards; mortgages; auto loans and small business loans are just some of them.

Credit unions typically have a smaller footprint than banks and prioritize serving their local community. Furthermore, credit unions generally charge lower fees and offer greater APY on savings accounts.

Mutual First Federal offers several savings services, such as its Save to Win certificate account which gives you a chance each month at cash prizes! Terms, conditions, restrictions and enrollment requirements do apply.

Loans & Credit Cards

When looking for checking accounts, loans, or other financial services, banks and credit unions both provide options that suit you. Both offer similar products but it is essential to understand their differences in order to make an informed decision.

Credit unions typically focus on serving their local communities with personalized service and higher APYs than banks do, along with lower fees and requirements such as no monthly maintenance fees for checking accounts and less minimum balance requirements. This makes credit unions an attractive option for consumers who prioritize convenience and accessibility of in-person services.

Retirement Planning & Investments

Credit unions offer an array of financial products and services, while maintaining strong commitments to community through financial education and support. Furthermore, their personalized service allows depositors to prioritize their needs, while typically boasting lower fees and rates than banks.

Mutual First Federal’s community efforts focus on four organizations each quarter, such as Food Bank for the Heartland, ALS in the Heartland, Nebraska Humane Society and Child Saving Institute. Non-deposit investment products provided through CUSO Financial Services L.P (member FINRA/SIPC) may involve risk such as potential principal loss.






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