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Mountain Valley Federal Credit Union

Mountain Valley Federal Credit Union is a cooperative financial institution offering services to anyone living, working, worshipping, volunteering, or attending school in Clinton and Essex Counties. Their offerings include Share/Savings Accounts, Certificate of Deposit Accounts (CDs), Loans and Credit Cards.

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Credit unions are member-owned, non-profit financial cooperatives governed democratically. Members pool their money together to lend loans at reasonable rates instead of paying interest to stockholders as banks do.

Mountain Valley Federal Credit Union provides various services to help you save and grow your money. We aim to deliver top-quality service at an affordable cost.

Our comprehensive financial statement offers a condensed view into our assets and liabilities, income and expenses. In addition, you can view our net worth ratio as an indicator of financial strength.

Values & Mission

MV Federal Credit Union is a not-for-profit cooperative financial institution owned and run by its members, offering safe savings accounts with competitive interest rates as well as loans at affordable rates to meet individuals’ financial needs. Their aim is to put people first.

Au Sable Forks, New York is home to Au Sable Forks Family Medicine Center which serves anyone residing, working, worshipping, or attending school within Clinton or Essex Counties as well as having branches in Peru, Keeseville and Wilmington.

Discover MV Federal Credit Union’s ABA routing number, contact details, financials details, service status information, member-exclusive resources and NCUA insurance information. This credit union is NCUA-insured.

Routing Number & Locations

Mount Valley Federal Credit Union’s routing number is 251584281 and can be found on the bottom left corner of your check. This number is necessary when conducting electronic transfers such as ACH or wire transfers.

Mountain Valley Credit Union takes great pride in placing members first and providing services across the North Country. Members can access various financial services at their locations in Peru, Keeseville, Au Sable Forks and Wilmington.

Mountain Valley Federal Credit Union is a not-for-profit cooperative financial institution run and owned by its members, offering banking and financial products at competitive rates.


Mountain Valley Federal Credit Union’s routing number is 251584281.

MVFC is NCUA-insured up to $100,000 for every account owner, providing peace of mind while exploring their financial performance data.

MVFC provides banking services including deposit accounts, certificates, money market accounts and loans. Membership to this credit union is open to anyone living, working or attending school in Clinton and Essex counties of New York State; with branches located in Peru, Keeseville and Au Sable Forks New York.


Mountain Valley Federal Credit Union is a community-oriented financial institution offering tailored services for its members. Offering checking, savings and certificate of deposit accounts as well as loans for automobiles, homes and vacations. Plus members enjoy exclusive benefits like the Visa Check Card with free ATM withdrawals as well as access to their account through direct telephone number for information access!

The sixth annual Best Credit Unions In Each State 2023 list was determined through surveys with more than 31,000 Americans as well as online reviews posted from March 2020 through April 2023. Large national banks and credit unions were excluded to ensure rankings focused on local institutions.

Loans & Credit Cards

At our Loan Solutions center, we have an array of loan programs tailored specifically to your individual needs. Learn more or apply now!

Utilize Mountain Valley Federal Credit Union Master Cards to make more out of your money and take advantage of all its potential. We accept them worldwide as they offer a safe, simple payment option.

Our savings accounts offer competitive interest rates with no monthly fees and you can open one with as little as $5.00! Plus, opening an account couldn’t be easier!

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Retirement Planning & Investments

Your goal for saving for retirement should comprise of setting aside an allocation from each household income towards tax-deferred accounts such as 401(k)s and IRAs.

Your expected annual rate of return from retirement savings and investments during retirement should reflect an after-tax return from any non-retirement savings accounts such as annuities.

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