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Mountain America Credit Union Near Me

Mountain America Credit Union (MACU), based out of Utah, offers personal banking, loans and credit cards, business solutions, wealth management services, retirement savings accounts for retirement planning purposes as well as wellness accounts to its member-owners in Western United States regions. MACU operates its branches through an intermountain region.

Utah Credit Union boasts an outstanding reputation among residents, scoring high marks in our customer service tests for both online and mobile banking as well as our rates and fees tests. Additionally, its rates and fees tests were successful.

Mountain America Credit Union stands out by offering competitive annual percentage yields with low minimum deposits requirements, CDs with reasonable minimum balance requirements that generate attractive yields, an easy-to-use mobile app and reliable money market accounts – not forgetting its attractive interest rates on checking and savings accounts as well. Home equity lines of credit and auto loans are also offered by this credit union.

Mountain America accounts can be opened by visiting any of its branches, visiting its website or mobile apps, calling the credit union directly and setting an appointment with an advisor, or opening one via its teller staff. When opening checking or savings accounts or applying for auto loans or credit cards through Mountain America teller staff can assist you. In the case of personal loans you will have to meet eligibility requirements and undergo a credit check process as part of that application process.

MACU membership requires living in one of four Utah counties, working for certain employers or organizations with affiliation with MACU, or related to someone already a member. You must also open a MACU savings account in order to become eligible. Visit their website to gain more insight into qualifications and processes involved.

MACU has earned an A+ Better Business Bureau rating and successfully resolved nearly all customer complaints, yet has an unfavorable score on Trustpilot and few reviews from consumers. Their mobile banking app receives high reviews among iOS users while receiving middling reviews on Android phones; compatible with both Apple Pay and Google Pay payments, MACU’s app enables funds transfers between accounts as well as payments made directly.

Bill Pay, Zelle and a free FICO Score are just a few of MACU’s digital offerings for primary members. Access your account easily using the CO-OP Network of over 50,000 surcharge-free ATMs nationwide; use its ATM Locator tool to locate one near you! You can link your Mountain America account with another bank account so transfers can take place without leaving home or office, request checks through its online form and even receive replacement checks free of charge should any be lost or stolen!






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