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Mopac Credit Union

Our nine-digit Credit Union Routing Number assigned by the American Bankers Association (ABA) plays an essential part in financial transactions. For example, it can help facilitate direct deposit payroll deposits, bill payments and domestic wire transfers – these services can all be found by visiting online banking, checking your checks or looking at bank statements.

Dupaco Financial Services refers its members to LPL Financial LLC (LPL). LPL offers brokerage and advisory services under an agreement between themselves and Dupaco Credit Union.


Employing outstanding people equipped with the knowledge, tools, and capabilities needed to provide superior member experiences through quality service, technology solutions, and valuable financial advice.

MOPAC Employees Federal Credit Union’s net worth ratio serves as a key indicator of its financial health; an indication of well-capitalization would be any ratio above 7.

Explore MOPAC Employees Federal Credit Union’s vision, values and mission in order to gain more insight into what drives its performance. Metrics such as these matter greatly to both you and investors. An in-depth financial statement offers a brief snapshot of their financial position based on data from the 2nd Quarter 2023 NCUA Call Report.

Values & Mission

At Tompkins and Cortland CU, our primary mission is providing exceptional service at competitive rates on deposits and loans for those living, working, or attending school within Tompkins and Cortland counties. Our ABA routing number is 324079555 for use when setting up direct deposit or external transfers; additionally, our core company values are Integrity, Accountability, Transparency, and Inclusion which guide our staff in serving members while creating a strong company culture.

Your accounts at Mo Pac credit union are fully covered by the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA), an U.S. government agency.

Routing Number & Locations

De Soto Mo Pac CU is federally insured through the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA), an agency of the United States government. Our coverage is guaranteed up to at least $250,000.

The Credit Union of Southern Maryland’s American Banking Association Routing Number is 281080768 and you can locate it on any check that arrives from us or online banking portal.

HOPE Credit Union participates in the Shared Branching Network, providing members the ability to visit any shared credit union branch and complete financial transactions as though it were their local branch. To locate your closest shared branch click here.


De Soto Mo Pac provides members with comprehensive financial solutions designed to meet the varying needs of members. From banking essentials like checking accounts and savings accounts to personal loans, auto loans and mortgages as well as credit cards with competitive rates and rewards programs; De Soto Mo Pac has everything you need to help meet your financial goals.

MOPAC Employees Federal Credit Union was established as a financial cooperative in 1936 and provides checking and savings accounts, investments, loans, online and mobile banking services across Texas communities.


Savings accounts form the cornerstone of credit union membership. Your regular savings account establishes ownership within our Credit Union and opens doors to other products and services we offer – such as Money Market accounts that pay interest regularly!

As a non-profit financial cooperative, we take great pleasure in offering our members competitive interest rates on their savings accounts. When you save with us, your money not only helps you achieve your financial goals but also becomes available as loans that someone else can use to purchase their home or car.

Loans & Credit Cards

No matter your financial goals – whether they be car purchases, home remodels or debt consolidation – we provide personal loans with competitive interest rates at convenient online and mobile banking tools. In addition, we have an array of credit cards designed to fit with your spending habits and lifestyle.

CU*Talk is a secure voice and text message service available in English and Spanish that gives you fast access to your accounts and many of our features – making financial management even simpler! It’s just another way we make life simpler for our members.

Avoid responding to emails asking for your credit card account number or personal details for surveys that appear legitimate, such as asking you for it as part of a poll or survey. These are scams.

Retirement Planning & Investments

No matter where you are on your financial journey or near retirement, our on-site financial professionals are ready to provide guidance. They listen carefully to your plans, hopes, worries and needs before offering solutions that fit with your goals.

CFS1 professionals can assist in helping you maximize 401(k) and IRA accounts to ensure you have enough savings to live comfortably upon retirement.

Life insurance is an integral component of any financial portfolio, and our CFS1 professionals can discuss available plans and provide recommendations that fit with your situation.






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