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Mobile Postal Employees Credit Union

Mobile Postal Employees Credit Union is a financial cooperative chartered under federal law. Members are owners, with each having an equal voice through its Board of Directors and Supervisory Committee.

Membership in Western Massachusetts United Postal Service Employee Associations and select employer groups, and to the general public is offered to employees located in Madison County of the Post Office System and select employer groups within that region, as well as for individuals from the general public who live nearby.

Vision Values & Mission

At our not-for-profit financial cooperative, our business is run to serve the members only. Any profits we generate are reinvested back into our membership through higher savings rates, lower loan rates and lowered fees – this “people helping people” philosophy dates back to credit union’s roots.

Our Board of Directors and Supervisory Committee are elected by members, and oversee the financial strength, stability, and integrity of your Credit Union. They establish lending and savings policies as well as guide our affairs.

Since 1980, Mr. Gatewood has been an integral member of our association and has held multiple leadership roles: Chairman, Vice Chairman and Director of Operations/Technology. Retiring from the Postal Service as Senior Finance Specialist EAS-23; Mr. Gatewood holds multiple degrees focused on business and accounting.

Routing Number & Locations

Mobile Postal Employees Credit Union’s ABA routing number is 073949010. Their location identifier is 549. They can be reached at (253) 928-8833 for any enquiries and their website can be found at

Mobile Postal Employees Credit Union was founded in 1949 to serve the Mobile, AL community. Offering allotment/direct deposit accounts and used/new car loans with competitive interest rates; as well as being part of the Shared Branch network so members can access funds at over 5,000 other credit union branches nationwide, Mobile Postal Employees Credit Union makes life easy for its members.

View Mobile Postal Employees Credit Union’s financial performance through a full financial statement. See balances, income and expenses along with more.


Since its founding, Mobile Postal Employees Credit Union has been dedicated to offering members superior financial products and services. Offering competitive interest rates on used car loans, new car loans, first mortgage loans and much more.

Mobile banking enables members to securely access their accounts from any web-enabled device. Members can conveniently check their balance and history anytime, no matter where they are.

The net worth ratio is an easy and quick way to evaluate a credit union’s financial strength. This ratio compares their net worth with their assets, providing an indicator of its capitalization status.


Mobile Postal Employees Credit Union in Alabama provides financial services for employees of the United States Postal Service. Membership is open to postal employees and their immediate family members, who can take advantage of competitive interest rates on auto loans, mortgages and savings accounts – not forgetting online and mobile banking services! Those interested can visit the CU’s website to discover eligibility requirements before joining. It is federally insured by National Credit Union Administration.

The NCUA 5300 Report is an extensive financial statement that gives an overall view of your credit union’s performance, including assets, liabilities, income and expenses in detail.

Loans & Credit Cards

Mobile Postal Employees Credit Union in Mobile AL offers competitive loan and mortgage loan rates at Mobile Postal Employees Credit Union, along with online and mobile banking services that make your account accessible anytime, anywhere. They even allow texting your balance or history questions directly for quick answers (messaging and data rates may apply). Compare financial strength by viewing their net worth ratio, capital adequacy ratio or income/expenses ratio using this report from NCUA Call Report 2023 based.

Retirement Planning & Investments

As opposed to for-profit financial institutions, Mobile Alabama Credit Union is owned and run cooperatively by its members. As such, it offers banking services such as loans, savings accounts, investments and credit cards while serving the communities within Mobile.

Tampa Postal FCU partners with Benefit Resource Partners to offer tailored financial advice for its members.

Yonkers Credit Union boasts a net worth ratio of 7 and is considered “well-capitalized.” Insurance coverage comes through the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA). Members will continue receiving regular services during its conservatorship. NCUA will oversee operations. Yonkers CU is an all-employee non-profit federally insured credit union.






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