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Mid-Illini Credit Union

Credit unions are financial cooperatives that offer various banking services. They’re an excellent option for anyone who values lower loan and deposit rates or mortgage closing costs and fees; as well as local customer support.

Mid-Illini Credit Union of Bloomington, Illinois offers checking and savings accounts, as well as loans for business use, investments, mobile banking services, online banking and online bill pay options.

Benefits of Membership

Credit unions provide banking products like checking and savings accounts, as well as investments and savings vehicles such as certificates of deposit, individual retirement accounts and mortgages. Furthermore, they provide loans such as personal and auto loans.

Credit unions typically have lower loan fees and rates than banks, sharing branches nationwide with no surcharge ATMs – plus superior customer service!

Checking Accounts

No matter your banking needs, Mid Carolina Credit Union offers various solutions that may fit them. From traditional checking accounts to high-interest savings accounts with rewards features – Mid Carolina CU offers something to fit everyone. Perhaps free checking could even be possible! Plus you could earn extra cash through one of our rewards accounts!

Subscribe to direct deposit to save yourself time! This service automatically deposits your paycheck directly into either your checking or savings account – including tax refunds and pension payments!

Savings Accounts

Due to an increase in interest rates by the Federal Reserve, some banks and credit unions offer high yields for saving your money with them – but be sure to carefully read and understand their terms and conditions!

Make savings fun for your kids with a MILES 4 TEENS Club Account tailored for teen savers aged 13-18! Parents must be joint owners on these accounts.

Join Mid-Illini Credit Union if you live or work in McLean County, your employer is an eligible CU partner, or are related to one.


Mid-Illini offers competitive mortgage rates when purchasing or refinancing your home, with pre-approval available to save both time and money on interest rate payments.

doxo is a free service that makes managing all of your provider accounts more manageable, making payments simpler. Furthermore, using doxo may result in lower fees being assessed to your account.

Business Accounts

Mid – Illini Credit Union provides business accounts to help your organization’s finances run more smoothly, such as our MB Advantage Business Checking Account. Now, you’re free to focus on what matters – your core business! Visit us today and discover more of these exciting accounts.

Where is Mid-Illini Credit Union located? Mid-Illini Credit Union is a financial services provider located in Bloomington, Illinois that specializes in Checks, Savings and Mortgages.

Money Market Accounts

Credit unions often provide savings and money market rates that are comparable to local banks as well as online savings banks. You can find some of the top rates at credit unions near you on BestCashCow.

An UFirst Money Market Account offers you the power to maximize the return on your savings, while providing limited access to it – the smarter way to save.


Mid-Illini Credit Union of Bloomington, Illinois operates within the Financial Services industry under SIC code 512.

Credit unions are non-profit organizations; after expenses have been covered and reserves set aside, any surplus earnings are returned back to members in the form of lower loan rates, higher savings interest rates or free or discounted services.

Credit unions also provide ATM access through the CO-OP network, making it easy to locate surcharge-free ATMs near you by texting 91989. Simply send your location code or text “FIND ATMS” to 91989.

Credit Cards

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Credit Union for All (CUFA) is located in Bloomington, Illinois and membership is open to anyone living or working within McLean County in Illinois; employed by one of CU’s Company Partners or related to an existing member.

Online Banking

Mid-Illini Credit Union provides online banking services. Their website enables customers to deposit, withdraw and transfer funds as well as pay bills online. Furthermore, there is online bill pay available as well.

You can locate our bank’s ABA routing number as 271176103. It can be found on the bottom of every check, preceded by an image depicting a frowning face.






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