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Credit unions typically offer higher interest rates on savings accounts and Individual Retirement Accounts (IRAs) than traditional banking institutions, helping members build their retirement funds faster.

Credit unions are member-owned institutions that offer safe, secure savings accounts with competitive dividends for members to invest their savings.


Credit unions are not just buildings or equipment; they’re people helping other people. Credit unions provide safe, responsible and ethical alternatives to other financial institutions.

In 1949, eight local residents sat around an orange crate at the Ishpeming Co-op and raised $35 among themselves to establish a small credit union – this small gesture eventually began the credit union movement in Michigan and beyond.

Suze Orman, a national personal finance expert, launches a public campaign to increase awareness that federally insured credit unions are safe places for savings. Furthermore, the NCUA hires an expert to work with credit unions on improving disaster preparedness.

Values & Mission

Credit unions differ from banks by emphasizing people-helping-people over profit maximization for stockholders. Credit unions are democratically managed and owned by members who share an affinity, using it exclusively to save and borrow money.

At first, eight local residents gathered around an orange crate in the Co-op and raised $35 to apply for their charter with the National Credit Union Administration. Credit unions are federally insured and regulated.

Membership of Auburn, Michigan’s Lower Peninsula, is open to those living, working, worshipping and attending school within its boundaries.

Routing Number & Locations

ABA Routing Numbers, also referred to as Routing Transit Numbers or RTNs, identify financial institutions within the United States. These nine-digit numbers can be used for direct deposit, bill payment and international wire transfers.

Members United Credit Union has provided you with their ABA Routing Number on any checks issued and through online banking portal. Alternatively, it can also be found on bank statements or account histories by searching the bottom left.

As a member, you can utilize the CO-OP ATM network of over 30,000 surcharge-free ATMs. Click here to see a list of participating machines.


Members United offers an array of checking services to its members at no cost, including free online banking, mobile app banking and VISA Debit Cards. As a non-for-profit they return profits back into member services in terms of reduced fees, lower rates and more.

When asked by merchants if you would prefer your transaction be processed as Debit or Credit, remember to select Credit! Doing this helps us and other credit union members by lowering transaction costs.

All checking accounts include a VISA Debit Card for easy cash access at ATM machines and for payments at merchants who accept VISA. Overdraft Privilege is an optional courtesy pay service which may be reduced, withheld, or cancelled at any time.


Credit unions are non-profit organizations, meaning any money made goes back into offering lower fees, higher savings interest rates and other benefits to members. Credit unions provide a full suite of financial products and services including retirement planning, investment advisory services and lending solutions for their members.

Discover financial advice without the high fees or bank hassles – members united credit union offers low-cost loans for home, auto and personal needs as well as retirement planning solutions, investment services and TruStage insurance policies to suit every need.

Loans & Credit Cards

Credit unions typically provide more loans and deposit products than banks do, as well as offering higher annual percentage yields on savings accounts, money market deposits and share certificates than these institutions.

Local or regional associations typically provide more personalized service, and often prioritize financial literacy. Furthermore, they often host seminars, workshops, and articles designed to help members enhance their money management abilities.

All credit unions insured by NCUA file quarterly (5300) data reports; those displayed above reflect those submitted as of the quarter end date.

Retirement Planning & Investments

Start saving today! Putting away even a small amount regularly will quickly add up over time. Start making progress toward financial security now!

Credit unions offer many useful services when it comes to retirement planning, with financial education being of particular value in making sound savings decisions for retirement savings accounts.

Individual Retirement Accounts (IRA) offer you an excellent way to invest in your future. A traditional IRA offers tax savings while Roth IRAs allow for tax-free savings growth. In either case, they provide competitive certificate rates and peace of mind knowing your money is secure.






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