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Members First Credit Union Brigham City

Members First Credit Union in Brigham City is an excellent financial institution that provides the same services as banks. Since its members rather than shareholders own it, Members First can offer lower loan rates and greater returns on savings accounts than banks can.

Utilizing Speech Access, you can make loan payments from either your Share Savings or Checking accounts and transfer money between AFCU accounts.

Vision Values & Mission

Members First Credit Union is a not-for-profit financial institution offering competitive loan and savings rates at desirable rates for any Salt Lake County resident, employee, student, worshipper, or family.

Tamara McGovern oversees the finances of Members First with an eye toward risk minimization to maximize revenue and growth consistent with strategic initiatives.

Jon Shurtz oversees all legal aspects of the credit union. He brings 16 years of legal, business, and project management experience from Fortune 150 energy company as well as private investment firm to manage them. Furthermore, he’s an active member of his community.

Routing Number & Locations

Members First Credit Union is located in Brigham City Utah and has a routing number of 324376805. An ABA or routing transit number identifies financial institutions within the US to facilitate transactions such as Fedwire payments, direct deposits, etc.

Members First Credit Union provides its ABA/routing number through online banking, checks and other sources. You need this number in order to set up direct deposit with employers or institutions as well as make ACH transfers and electronic transfers.


Members First Credit Union is a state-chartered financial institution. Offering comprehensive banking services including online banking and ATM access as well as savings and loan products. Open Monday to Friday between 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM in Brigham City, Utah at 65 South 1000 West.

AFCU provides various checking accounts. In addition, they offer other banking services, including online bill payment, mobile deposits, and eTeller home banking. Members can also utilize AFCU’s mobile app which allows them to check their balance or initiate funds transfers directly from their phone.


Members First Credit Union offers financial services tailored specifically to its members’ needs, including checking and savings accounts, credit cards, mortgage loans, auto loans, IRAs and money market accounts – as well as offering term certificates with flexible term length options.

Rates offered by this company fall within industry norms, and are tailored towards active duty service members and their family members. Unfortunately, however, no details are disclosed up front on how many rewards points may be earned, any maximum earning caps, or expiration timeframes that apply.

Credit Union locations are open Monday-Friday. Through direct deposit, the Credit Union provides members with the ability to save time by having their paycheck, Social Security check, pension payment or annuity checks automatically deposited into any combination of Share Savings 1 and Checking account(s).

Loans & Credit Cards

At Our Credit Union, we offer a range of personal loans including mortgage, auto, and credit card loans as well as home equity lines of credit. In addition, we also provide Secured Visa cards to help members build or repair their credit by linking this card directly with their checking account as overdraft protection.

Credit unions are owned and run for the benefit of their members rather than for profit, offering lower fees and better savings rates than banks or brokerage houses.

Members First offers an extensive range of financial services, from mobile and online banking to account balance access and eStatement delivery. Their secure tools enable customers to conveniently access account details such as account balances, statements and more.

Retirement Planning & Investments

Members First provides financial services to its credit union members throughout Utah. With a state charter and overseen by its board of directors, Members First offers banking products such as personal loans, savings accounts, checking accounts, mortgages and investment products to its membership.

Members First Credit Union offers certificate accounts as a way for members to save for retirement while potentially reaping tax advantages, while offering IRA options to meet members’ investment needs.

Members can easily sign up for direct deposit of paycheck, Social Security or pension checks directly into one or more combination of share savings and checking products every pay period – this service can be accessed online banking.






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