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Marriott Federal Credit Union

Credit union members can take advantage of an array of financial products and services, including savings/checking accounts, mortgages/auto loans/credit cards.

Credit union membership services offered include free insurance, online banking and mobile apps for banking transactions. Furthermore, associate benefits such as vacation and sick days accruals and paid holidays as well as TakeCare programs designed to promote physical, mental and financial wellness are available.

Vision Values & Mission

Marriott employees place great importance on supporting its mission over their paycheck. This focus on people motivates the workforce to work hard and support each other.

At Marriott International, they strive to promote diversity and inclusion at every level of business, and its board committee on inclusion includes both Marriott employees as well as non-Marriott board members.

Marriott strives to preserve cultures and foster economic development in communities where it operates, working with local businesses to offer locally sourced products and services, create employment opportunities for residents, as well as invest in conservation initiatives to protect the environment – making Marriott an effective sustainable business.

Routing Number & Locations

Marriott Employees Federal Credit Union operates without banking branches and its ABA routing number is 255083597.

Credit unions are non-profit financial cooperatives that prioritize serving their members rather than increasing profits for shareholders. Credit unions offer competitive rates and offer services such as checking, savings accounts, loans, mortgages and credit cards – in short everything needed to support everyday living needs of members.

Locate the ABA Routing number on any check issued from a credit union and swift codes (also known as BIC Codes) when making international wire transfers; both will need both of them for international transactions.


As a credit union, Marriott Employees Federal Credit Union offers its members a range of banking services such as checking and savings accounts, credit cards, online banking services and mobile apps – among others.

Marriott Employees Federal Credit Union reports to all three credit bureaus. Maintaining good account standing and making on-time payments will help boost your score.

Amos Troyah, a Philadelphia dishwasher who earned around $30,000 last year at his job at the Philadelphia Marriott Downtown, reported that nearly $2,000 of that went toward fees at his credit union – minimum-balance ($10), excess-transaction ($6), and automatic money-transfer ($35). Troyah said low wage workers such as him are in financial peril since their salaries keep accounts from becoming overdrawn while fees mount up quickly.


Marriott employees can save money with a credit union that offers competitive interest rates on savings accounts and loans, while taking advantage of benefits such as flexible work schedules and paid parental leave.

Amos Troyah, a dishwasher at the Philadelphia Marriott Downtown, earned roughly $30,000. However, he spent approximately $2,000 of that in fees associated with his checking and savings accounts with Marriott Employees Federal Credit Union – including minimum balance charges, excess transaction fees and automatic money-transfer fees; these are what sociologists refer to as predatory inclusion.

Loans & Credit Cards

Marriott Employees Federal Credit Union provides personal loans and credit cards to its Maryland members. Customers can either apply online or visit one of its branch locations. Its rates are competitive while flexible terms make the lender an excellent option.

MEFCU is also being sued over its mini-loans. According to plaintiffs’ claims, MEFCU does not disclose all costs associated with its loans in accordance with the Truth in Lending Act and they seek class action status as well.

Retirement Planning & Investments

Credit unions are not-for-profit financial cooperatives that prioritize meeting the needs of their members first, offering lower fees and rates than most banks to give them an edge over competing financial institutions.

Unite HERE workers at Philadelphia’s Marriott Downtown are working together to organize their workplace. One goal is to bring in more hours – however they claim their hours don’t provide them enough money to survive and have taken out loans from credit unions to supplement what their wages don’t provide them with.

Sociologists refer to such loans as predatory inclusion; they target marginalized groups while offering helpful services, yet ultimately undermine long-term economic security. Therefore, their use should be carefully regulated.






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