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LSCU is a Lone Star Credit Union

Credit unions hold an unique place in the financial industry, serving both consumers and businesses alike. Credit unions provide many of the same services as banks but often provide superior rates and fees due to being owned by their members and using profits back into higher savings rates and lower loan fees for members. Furthermore, their focus is community driven with more personal interactions between members than larger banks can provide.

LSCU takes great pride in offering financial solutions that benefit our Members and the communities they live in. We honor the credo “people helping people” while remaining committed to maintaining high standards of service and integrity.

Checking and savings accounts are available online, through the app, in-person at our branches, or over the phone. When making deposits to existing accounts you can use ACH, wire or check deposits; automatic transfers from your bank accounts can also be set up into LSCU accounts. Our minimum opening deposit for checking accounts is $25.

An LSCU account gives you the power to manage your finances easily through an intuitive online banking experience, including accessing all the same features as traditional banks like eStatements, mobile banking and fee-free ATMs. Plus you could save money with an LSCU Checking account, earn rewards with purchases using our debit card and more!

LSCU provides an extensive range of consumer and commercial banking products, as well as exceptional customer service. You’ll find answers to any question ranging from mortgages and loans to retirement planning through our online resources, blog, educational videos and team of experts available 24/7 to provide guidance on your financial journey.

In addition to our array of financial services, LSCU also offers an impressive selection of insurance policies to protect both you and your investments. From auto, home, life and health coverage – we have something that fits for every need!

The LSCU App makes managing your finances on-the-go easier than ever! Safe and user-friendly, using it doesn’t require login to our website – plus, it helps locate an LSCU branch near you!

Are you curious to know more about Lone Star Credit Union (LSCU)? Click here and discover how LSCU has assisted others, then compare their experiences to yours to find the ideal match!






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