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Louisiana Central Credit Union

Louisiana Central Credit Union is an institution owned and managed by its members rather than external investors, providing loans, savings accounts, checking accounts, mortgage loans and other investment services.

Employees in good standing at Long Beach State are eligible for membership and may take job-related undergraduate and graduate courses without pay reduction, annual leave credits reduction or loss of full-time status.


At our Credit Union, our mission is to foster an atmosphere of caring by making available to members consumer lending services, financial transactions and participation options, and access to various insurance benefits and coverages.

A member-elected board of directors serves in two-year terms as voluntary trustees to manage daily operations while adhering to the cooperative movement’s founding philosophy: People Helping People.

CSE received approval for an expanded community charter from the NCUA in March 2022, opening up membership eligibility to anyone living, working (or regularly conducting business in), worshipping (or regularly conducting religious services), attending school or owning businesses in Calcasieu, Cameron, Jefferson Davis Beauregard or Vernon Parishes.

Values & Mission

CSE Federal Credit Union recently celebrated a significant achievement: attaining “underserved” status and opening up membership eligibility to anyone living, working, worshipping, attending school or operating businesses within Alexandria’s underserved area. Furthermore, money market accounts, high dividend rewards checking accounts and member business lending were added as products and services by CSE Federal.

In 2005, Louisiana Central Credit Union acquired land on Cities Service Highway in Lake Charles for their new main office and changed their name accordingly. By this point, their assets had reached $235 Million while membership surpassed 28,300 members.

Routing Number & Locations

Louisiana Central Credit Union’s American Bankers Association Routing Number is 265075634. A routing number is a 9-digit code used to identify financial institutions during a banking transaction and is commonly known as bank routing number, RTN number or ABA routing transit number.

Credit unions with state charters operate under the supervision of their state’s division of financial services, while also being federally insured by NCUA.

Membership in Louisiana’s Chamber is open to residents as well as employees of selected employee groups and their immediate family members.


As a member of the Credit Union, you can take advantage of convenient checking services. We provide various accounts tailored to suit your individual needs with online and mobile banking as options. In addition, we offer other financial services designed to help you achieve your goals, such as mortgage/auto loans as well as retirement planning and investments services.

All LCCU checking accounts come equipped with a Visa Debit Card that offers convenient, direct access to funds without writing checks or worrying about ATM fees. Paper statements can be ordered for an additional monthly service charge of $2.00 but this fee may be waived for members under 17 or 60+ who enroll in eStatements.


Credit unions are non-profit institutions offering lower loan and deposit rates than banks. Anyone may join by opening a regular savings account with $5 membership fee to become an owner and gain lifetime access to financial products, services and benefits.

Banking essentials such as checking and savings accounts with competitive interest rates, convenient online and mobile banking tools, loan solutions such as auto loans, personal loans and mortgages as well as credit cards tailored specifically to you are available from CUNA Mutual Insurance Society. Plus members can get affordable homeowners insurance through MEMBERS Homeowners Insurance Program available exclusively to members.

Loans & Credit Cards

Loans for new and used car purchases, home purchases and debt consolidation. With our competitive rates and advantageous terms, members save money.

With our Smart Visa card, you’ll enjoy credit card perks that go far beyond what banks typically offer: earning points with each purchase while being protected against unauthorised charges.

At SEC Bank, we also offer unsecured personal loans for anything from vacations to debt consolidation. Applications for these loans can be completed online, by phone, or at one of our branches.

Retirement Planning & Investments

As a credit union, we’re your personal connection. Credit unions tend to serve a specific region or community with more tailored and higher savings rates compared to national banks.

At United Financial Planning Services we can assist in helping you to start working toward your financial goals – be they saving for a home, car or IRA account. Furthermore, we can connect you with a certified retirement and investment professional so your goals become a reality.

Assets held by a credit union may be invested in bonds, certificates, notes and evidences of indebtedness of the United States, Louisiana or municipalities thereof – such as paving certificates and federal farm loan bonds – through book entry; this may then serve as collateral security against loans granted.






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