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Lennox Employees Credit Union

Lennox Employees Credit Union uses its Routing number to indicate the Federal Reserve District where its bank is located, while its final one-digit check digit serves to validate that all other digits are correct.

CSE Credit Union is a member-driven, community-chartered credit union serving Calcasieu, Cameron, Jeff Davis, Beauregard and Vernon Parishes in southwest Louisiana. Membership eligibility extends to residents from these parishes.

Vision values & Mission

Lennox Employees Credit Union strives to offer competitive financial services in an accessible, friendly, efficient and convenient way, always prioritizing our members’ needs over anything else. CSE provides savings accounts, checking accounts, loans, investments, credit cards, ATMs and online banking as part of its mission to serve its members effectively.

CSE Credit Union welcomes individuals residing, working (or regularly conducting business), attending school or worshipping, owning businesses and legal entities in Calcasieu, Cameron, Jefferson Davis Beauregard Allen Vernon Parishes of Louisiana as members. CSE was granted an expanded community charter by NCUA in 2022 which broadened their field of membership even further to encompass Allen Cameron Jefferson Davis Beauregard Vernon Calcasieu parishes of Louisiana.

Routing number & locations

CSE serves employees and family members from select employee groups in Calcasieu, Cameron, Jefferson Davis, Beauregard Allen and Caldwell Parishes through its state chartered credit union.

ABA Routing Number for our credit union is 273975357 and can be found on checks or online banking accounts. This number facilitates automated transfers such as ACH payments, direct deposits and other types of automated transfers.

Lennox Credit Union serves the employees and families of Lennox Inc. It operates under the charter granted by Iowa. Federally insured accounts up to $250K can be held with them.


Lennox Employees Credit Union offers financial solutions such as checking accounts, savings accounts, loans and investments. As an Iowa bank specialized in banking services – with its employees located in Marshalltown – this privately owned organization’s ABA routing number 9999928 can be used to connect online accounts, set up direct deposit with employers or provide other services; additionally it can often be found printed directly onto checks along with an image depicting a frowning face. Founded in 1948 and currently based out of Marshalltown Iowa.


Lennox Employees Credit Union offers savings accounts, checking accounts, loans, investments and other financial solutions to Iowa communities. Their services include savings/checking accounts with security features such as ATMs and online banking as well as investment and mortgage loan rates. With its headquarters based out of Marshalltown Iowa.

The company’s Christmas Club account allows members to save all year. Money may be deposited via payroll deduction and dividends are distributed each month, making holiday shopping simpler and reducing stress during this hectic time of year. Members also can request one dated ornament each year by joining.

Loans & credit cards

Lennox Employees Credit Union provides an array of financial solutions, such as savings and checking accounts, loans, investments, credit cards, ATMs and online banking services for communities throughout Iowa. Operating under a state charter.

Credit and debit card numbers contain six digits that identify the institution that issued them: this is known as an Issuer Identification Number (IIN), also referred to as Bank Identification Number (BIN). Each issuer Identification Number (IIN) is unique for every card issued from that institution.

National Credit Union Administration-insured credit unions submit quarterly (5300) data reports regarding deposit and loan rates as of 6/30/2017; therefore, the information above reflects those reports as of that date. However, these rates can change at any time throughout the day and thus is subject to fluctuation.

Retirement planning & investments

Lennox Employees Credit Union operates as a financial cooperative and offers savings and checking accounts, loans, investments and other financial solutions to Iowa customers.

We help you envision and plan for retirement by helping to identify how much it will cost to achieve your goals and show how to convert savings to an income source that will last as long as you do.

This organization has not appeared in the IRS Business Master File in several months and may have either merged into another entity or discontinued operations altogether. Data for Lennox Employees Credit Union comes from quarterly reports submitted to National Credit Union Administration.






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