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Latrobe Federal Credit Union

Latrobe Federal Credit Union’s ABA Routing Number is 243382132 and can be found on any check issued from them.

The Company contributes to a noncontributory defined benefit pension plan covering bargaining unit employees upon retirement and provides health insurance plans as part of a health benefits package.

Routing number & locations

Routing numbers are nine-digit codes used to identify financial institutions in the US. You can locate your bank’s routing number either on its paper check or bank statement and it is used for routing ACH (Automated Clearing House) funds transfers and direct deposits.

Latrobe Federal Credit Union is located in Latrobe, Pennsylvania and employs approximately five employees on average with an annual average salary of $70,130 based on various factors like job role, department, location and individual qualifications and skills. Please click “View Similar Jobs” button for other companies which may provide similar salaries.


At First Premier Bank, we offer free checking accounts without minimum balance requirements or monthly service charges – giving you unlimited checks written every month! A MasterCard debit card is also included with each account as starter checks are supplied as standard.

At our credit union, we offer several savings accounts that provide dividends on an average daily balance. Earning rates may change at any time; please visit our website or call to find out more information.

Credit union membership entitles individuals to open share savings or certificate of deposit accounts and is open to family members by blood or marriage and anyone living within their household.


Members save for various purposes through regular share savings accounts, club and vacation accounts and Certificates of Deposit insured up to $250,000 by the National Credit Union Administration – an agency of the U.S. government – while taking advantage of E-Statements which eliminate paper statements altogether.

Latrobe Federal Credit Union welcomes membership by anyone living or working in Latrobe city, PA; employees of Excela Health Corporation and its wholly-owned subsidiaries; volunteers under staff supervision; as well as immediate family of current credit union members. You can join online by filling out a membership application.

Loans & credit cards

Credit union membership services offered include checking accounts, debit cards, auto loans, personal and student loans, home mortgages and certificates of deposit. Its members have access to account information and statements through online banking; additionally they receive electronic statements which are faster and less costly than paper statements.

To become eligible to join this credit union, you must work in primary or fabricated metals manufacturing (TOM code 42). Family members by blood or marriage are welcome to apply as well. Membership applications can be submitted online; please note that minimum savings balance requirements of $25 apply when joining.

Retirement planning & investments

Credit unions provide members with a range of retirement planning and investment services to assist in planning for the future. Saving in a basic share savings account, investing in more robust Certificate of Deposit accounts or Roth short-term certificates should all help members be ready for what lies ahead in retirement planning and investing. It is crucial that they start early!

The Company contributes to two multiemployer defined benefit pension plans at one location for bargaining unit employees as well as two multiemployer defined benefit postretirement healthcare plans (Postretirement Plans). Annual amounts related to these plans are recorded using actuarial assumptions including discount rates, mortality, compensation increases and turnover as well as health care cost trend rates.






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