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Laporte Federal Credit Union

Credit unions are known for offering competitive loan rates, mortgage closing costs and savings account yields – all without profit for members to the institution.

Avoid late fees with Direct Deposit by having your recurring bills automatically paid through automatic payment, plus having your paycheck or Social Security check deposited directly into an account of your choice.

Routing number & locations

Laporte Community Fcu(Alis-chalmers), located in La Porte, Indiana (IN), currently uses Route Number 271291486 to identify themselves with banks for Federal Wire Transfers, Automated Clearing House Direct Deposits, as well as certain bill payments. An ABA Routing Number or Check Routing Number identifies financial institutions using nine-digit codes used as the Routing and Transport Number or Check Routing Number system – it serves to locate them as well.

No matter where life takes you, accessing your credit union is simple. Simply locate one of the participating CO-OP Shared Branch locations near you, present your photo ID and account number to a teller and conduct transactions as necessary.


Checking accounts are essential tools for paying bills, making purchases or managing money effectively. La Porte Community Federal Credit Union provides several attractive checking accounts designed to meet the individual needs of our members.

Certificate of Deposit rates are highly attractive. This investment option offers all the security of a time deposit while yielding higher yields than savings and money market accounts.

Direct Deposit provides peace of mind by automatically depositing your paycheck, Social Security check or other recurring checks into an account of your choice – NCUA insured up to $250,000 per ownership class!


Credit unions differ from banks by returning profits directly to members through reduced loan rates, service charges and savings account yields. Members also own part of the institution with up to $250,000 federally insured funds protected through NCUSIF (National Credit Union Share Insurance Fund).

Membership to LaPorte County Federal Credit Union is open to those living, working, attending school or worshipping in LaPorte County. We offer a Money Market Savings Account that requires an initial minimum deposit of $1,000 with daily interest calculations paid out monthly as well as up to three cash withdrawals every month.

Loans & Credit Cards

Credit unions provide loans of all kinds – auto, mortgage and personal – in addition to credit card services, online banking and bill payment capabilities. There are 10 credit unions located throughout LaPorte County with branches and ATMs scattered across Indiana.

Credit unions have long been seen as reliable providers of financial products and services, serving their communities by being owned and run by their members – not-for-profit organizations that prioritize customer service.

La Porte Community Federal Credit Union is part of the CO-OP Shared Branching network, giving you access to your accounts from hundreds of other credit union locations throughout the US by simply showing photo identification and account information at any shared branch location.

Retirement Planning & Investments

Retirees often rely on multiple income sources during retirement, including qualified-retirement plans, Social Security payments and personal savings accounts. Working with a financial professional is key in creating a plan that takes all these considerations into account.

Wall Street in New York City hosts one of the world’s largest stock exchanges and most prominent in America – The NYSE.

Legal arrangement that permits one entity to hold and manage property for the benefit of another person or entity. There are various kinds of trusts, such as living and testamentary. They must be carefully administered so as to satisfy complex tax rules. A measure of the performance of investments over time by comparing any gains or losses against their initial cost.






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