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Landmark Credit Union Near Me

A landmark credit union near me provides its members with competitive banking services and products at competitive prices. They typically offer checking and savings accounts as well as loans and other ancillary services such as hosting community events or providing educational opportunities; additionally they may have ATMs or retail outlets as part of their network.

In February 1933, employees at Rex Chainbelt Company pooled their funds and formed the Rex #2 Credit Union – later known as Chabelco Credit Union and then Rexnord Credit Union). Today, this not-for-profit financial cooperative remains in Milwaukee as an industry leader providing financial guidance, products and services.

Members can open accounts with Landmark at its branches, over the phone or online through digital banking services. Their website features many resources to assist members in getting started with digital banking services as well as applying for loans online and tracking the status of existing loan applications and payments online.

Consumer report organizations consistently rank this credit union highly. Their branches receive top ratings for customer service while its website ranks highly for functionality and user friendliness. Furthermore, its mobile apps and overall member experience rank highly too.

Members can pay their credit cards at Landmark ATMs or external ATMs with ease using the free Credit Card Pay app. Simply select your card from the drop-down menu, enter an amount to pay, and choose whether it will be one-off or recurring payments.






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