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How to Find Your SAFE Credit Union Routing Number

Your SAFE credit union routing number, also known as an ACH (Automated Clearing House) or MICR (Member Identification Card Reference) number, allows merchants, government agencies and others to directly withdraw funds from your account and deposit them elsewhere. Knowing how to find it will allow payroll departments, government agencies and annuity companies/groups access funds directly out of your account for deposit elsewhere. SAFE members can quickly locate their routing numbers through online banking and mobile apps by selecting either their checking or savings account details under balance to view it listed next to MICR number next time someone asks them about providing their account numbers when asked by payroll departments/groups or payroll departments/groups when asked for such numbers – simply select checking/savings account then click details under Balance Details under Balance Details then view and list next to MICR Number!

Direct deposits such as payroll checks, Social Security payments and VA Compensation come to your credit union via an ACH transfer from the source (e.g. payroll department or government agency). To receive these funds as quickly as possible, sign up for direct deposit with us either online, mobile banking or visiting one of our branches – making the experience faster than ever! You can even set it up so part of each deposit is sent directly into an IRA or child’s account!

SAFE members can save both time and effort by signing up for online banking. Once registered, you’ll have access to all your accounts through our mobile and online apps – even those associated with other EINs or TINs. When ready, visit any SAFE branch near you or call 1-800-769-3511.

SAFE Credit Union has been providing its members with honest and innovative solutions since 1940. Originally founded to serve the employees of Sacramento Air Depot, today SAFE provides services to anyone living, working or worshipping within 13 counties throughout Northern California. SAFE has grown substantially due to mergers with other local credit unions; most recently with KeyPoint Credit Union of San Diego in 2021 expanding SAFE’s reach even further by adding members living throughout greater San Francisco Bay Area region.






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