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How to Bank at a Credit Union

Credit unions prioritize their members’ financial wellbeing while supporting community organizations and charities. Their fees are low, providing convenient banking options.

Results indicate that credit unions’ responses to COVID-19 were unrelated to asset size, number of locations or membership size; instead there was an important correlation between their actions and operational measures.

VISA Purchase Alerts

Purchase Alerts are designed to notify you every time your Visa card is used for purchases, helping you track spending and avoid exceeding your credit limit. In addition, Purchase Alerts provide timely notifications when your balance gets high so you can pay it off quickly in order to improve your credit score.

Visa Purchase Alerts are available for any Credit and Debit (other than PIN-based) card transaction processed through Visa’s network, excluding transactions conducted at restaurants, hotels or rental car companies as they typically only request an initial authorization and do not know the final charge amount until after check-in or billing arrives.

BSE Credit Union is a member-owned and operated financial institution providing banking products and services. Membership is open to residents of Maryland, Washington D.C., Virginia as well as family members of current credit union members.


Skipping loan or credit card payments may provide relief during times of tight finances. Credit unions offer this service and it can be particularly helpful during holidays and summer vacation season.

Log into Online Banking and select the Skip-A-Pay widget on the left vertical menu to make one loan payment skippable per calendar year – personal loans, auto loans and an EZ Money line of credit are eligible – mortgage and home equity payments cannot be skipped.

All loans being skipped must be current, not in work-out status or alternate payments and have sufficient funds in your account to cover a $25 processing fee. Interest will continue accruing during any months you skip a payment and your loan term will be extended by one month; additionally this program modifies both your loan agreement and disclosures; please refer to your contract for more information.


E-Statements are digital copies of your monthly credit union statement. Instead of receiving paper statements in the mail, MemberDirect online banking notifies you when an e-statement is ready and provides you with a link that takes you directly into your account so you can retrieve your e-statement.

E-Statements offer safer, faster and more secure statements than paper versions, providing easy access to an archive of statement data on your computer. Should you choose not to receive these electronic statements any longer, opting out can easily be accomplished while signed into MemberDirect Online Banking account.

To use BSE Credit Union’s e-Statement service, members must present two official forms of identification with proof of address (for instance a current pay stub or driver’s license). Furthermore, you must enroll in MONA (Members Online Network Access) and have either an active checking or savings account with us.

Wire Transfers

If you need to send large sums from one account to another, wire transfers may be the way to go. They offer fast and straightforward transfer between banks – especially overseas transfers – although fees may apply and there may not be much room for error with recipient details as it must reach them successfully.

Wire transfers are increasingly becoming a standard way for business transactions, as well as sending money overseas and buying property abroad. They’re much more reliable than mailing checks which could easily become lost or misplaced during transit.

To facilitate a wire transfer, the sender must submit payment instructions to their bank or credit union as well as recipient’s identity and bank receiving account information. You can find our ABA Routing Number page by searching “Bse Credit Union”.






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