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Greenwood Municipal Federal Credit Union

GMFCU provides its members with various banking services, such as online and mobile banking, bill payment, loan services and an annual skip-a-payment program.

Enrolling in GMFCU Anytime requires creating both a Logon ID and Security Code, and agreeing to adhere by its terms and conditions as part of your usage of the system.


Members enjoy extremely competitive savings rates, low annual fees and access to ATMs and Shared Branches – plus deposits are convenient with payroll deduction.

If necessary, the Credit Union can transfer funds from your primary savings account or an approved Line of Credit loan to pay off an overdraft balance. Please be aware that overdraft transfers to checking will incur a service charge.

GMFCU Anytime offers you an easy and efficient way to manage your financial accounts online. When enrolling, a Logon ID and Security Code will be created; once logged in, you can view 90 days’ of savings and draft/checking history as well as credit card account balances.

Our quarterly Financial Performance Report gives you a straightforward view of your credit union’s finances. This detailed statement details its real results versus last year, along with comparisons against its prior performance. Inquire for further financial statements available upon request.


Greenwood Municipal Federal Credit Union offers its members a selection of loan products including auto, mortgage, home equity and personal. Loan rates are competitive while repayment is made easy through payroll deduction. They also offer checking and savings accounts to make life simpler for everyone involved.

GMFCU Anytime provides customers with secure online access to their accounts from GMFCU Anytime, giving them full control of their share/savings, draft/checking, certificate and IRA accounts as well as loans. Users can view balances, transfer funds between accounts and view statements for up to 90 days as well as locate check copies and reorder checks with this system.

The GMFCU Net Worth Ratio is an important measure of credit union financial health. This ratio compares total assets with total liabilities and indicates whether there are enough funds available to cover potential loan losses. Furthermore, Texas Ratio measures their ability to absorb losses without raising member rates or cutting services.


Greenwood residents can benefit from working with a wealth manager. A wealth manager can assist them in creating a budget, saving for the future and making intelligent financial decisions – not to mention investing in the local economy!

Credit unions typically offer higher-yield Money Market Investment Accounts compared to traditional pass-book savings accounts and attractive dividends on member savings that compare very favorably to bank offerings of conventional pass-book savings accounts.

Additionally, the credit union offers members a Christmas Club Account through payroll deductions that allows them to save for holiday expenses through payroll savings. They also offer CDs that provide competitive annual percentage yields and low minimum balance requirements.

This financial institution, established in 1974 and located in Greenwood, South Carolina offers banking services such as checking and savings accounts, investments, loans, debit and credit cards as well as online banking.


Credit unions are non-profit financial institutions that exist to benefit its members. Their income is not subject to taxes, and many have proven adept at serving low and moderate-income communities.

Financial strength of a credit union is easily and quickly determined using its net worth ratio, which compares assets and liabilities of the credit union. A higher ratio indicates sufficient capital reserves available to cover loan losses.

Credit unions that offer checking, savings and money market accounts typically offer higher rates of return than banks do. Furthermore, they may be more willing to provide mortgages and home equity loans to borrowers with less-than-perfect credit histories. Furthermore, many offer other services including IRAs, business loans, auto insurance as well as pet health and life insurance which make managing finances simpler while saving more money for members.






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