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Greenwood Credit Union

Greenwood Credit Union is a community-focused credit union dedicated to serving those it serves. Offering interest-bearing savings accounts – including high yield CD options – as well as loans such as personal and student loans, Greenwood provides numerous ways for people to support themselves financially.

Greenwood Credit Union offers an online application that makes opening an account quick and simple, including fields for applicants’ Social Security numbers, driver’s license or other government ID, funding source information and temporary card. Once submitted, applicants receive temporary cards which allow them to set up an ACH transfer or bring checks directly into one Rhode Island branch for funding their new account – Co-Op shared branch network members may visit any participating CU to deposit funds or get cash advances as needed.

Greenwood Credit Union provides more than just checking and savings accounts; their Savings Plus account offers interest-bearing savings with no fees attached, paying out an APY of 0.25% with no minimum balance requirements – funded via check, debit card (acquired as cash advance fee from card provider) or direct deposit; this FDIC-insured savings account covers deposits up to $250,000 per depositor.

Greenwood offers various loans, such as auto loans, student loans and home equity lines of credit. Their auto loan rates are competitive with those from major lenders while mortgage loan rates are very attractive; however their home equity line of credit rates aren’t as cost effective.

Greenwood offers not only banking services but also offers wealth management and retirement planning products. Furthermore, its Greenwood Studio produces financial education content about topics like investing and money management as well as host webinars and virtual conferences on these subjects.

Greenwood stands out with its innovative Round Up service, donating spare change from debit card transactions up to the nearest dollar to charities of user choice. Greenwood Credit Union supports several charitable partners, such as the NAACP and United Negro College Fund. Their program is free for all Greenwood account holders. Credit union offers an innovative checking account known as the Spending Account that promotes social responsibility by offering an enhanced Mastercard debit card and donating five meals to families in need for each new Spending Account opened – this account also pays a very attractive rate of 0.25% APY! Raisin serves as a marketplace for banking products. Greenwood also provides traditional savings and certificate of deposit accounts with competitive interest rates and minimum deposits of $1,000 with six month early withdrawal penalties for CDs.






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