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Grand Prairie Credit Union

At Grand Prairie Credit Union, we offer a wide array of financial services designed to assist with your journey – from essential banking products like checking and savings accounts to credit cards that fit your spending habits and reward you for making responsible choices.

NCUA requires all insured credit unions to file quarterly (5300) data reports, from which deposit and loan rates can be taken directly.

Vision values & Mission

Mission of Grand Prairie Credit Union The credit union’s mission is to be a total financial solution for City of Grand Prairie employees and their families by offering world-class service and products.

Additionally, the Credit Union envisions to promote financial wellness across Texas by increasing access to credit union services and educating consumers about money management. Furthermore, the CU works for community development by supporting local organizations and initiatives.

*Membership in the City of Grand Prairie Employee and Family Share Account is open to City employees and family members who meet eligibility requirements, with a $5.00 deposit into their share account required as membership dues. Anyone not wanting to participate can opt-out at any time.

Routing number & locations

Grand Prairie Credit Union is a Texas-based state-chartered credit union regulated by the Texas Division of Financial Services. Offering various products and services to residents of its service area, members may access it either via its mobile app or online banking platform.

ABA routing number of the credit union is 311982532 and can be found on any paper check or used to facilitate ACH transfers.

Credit unions must file quarterly (5300) data reports to provide comparison reports on deposit and loan rates at both state and national levels. This data report serves to keep members updated.


Grand Prairie Credit Union can assist with all your financial goals – be they saving for a home, purchasing a vehicle or taking out a mortgage loan. Their full suite of banking services – checking accounts, savings accounts and convenient mobile access as well as lending solutions such as auto loans and mortgages as well as personalized credit cards are sure to help reach them all!

The ABA routing number can be found at the bottom of your check, usually either before or after your account number and usually indicated with a frowning symbol. This information is necessary for online account setup as well as many other situations.


As your financial partner, we offer an expansive suite of member-centric products designed to meet all your financial needs. Whether it’s saving for that new home or taking out an auto loan – we have solutions that can assist with this journey.

Membership at City of Grand Prairie employees and their family members is open. To join, a $1.00 initial membership fee must be deposited, along with keeping an active $5.00 share account balance on deposit at all times – all accounts earn competitive dividend rates! We also provide several ATMs and Debit Cards – please observe ATM surroundings carefully and never reveal your PIN.

Loans & Credit Cards

Credit unions are local financial institutions dedicated to meeting the unique needs of their members. Offering checking accounts and savings accounts at competitive rates with convenient online and mobile banking access. Also providing personal loans and mortgage solutions as well as credit cards designed specifically to fit into lifestyle and spending habits.

Credit unions tend to offer more individualized customer service than their larger commercial bank counterparts, and can therefore provide tailored assistance that suits you and your situation. Their customer service representatives take the time to get acquainted with you and your financial goals; while helping to avoid fees that would otherwise apply.

Retirement Planning & Investments

Joe can help you meet your financial goals and address any concerns related to retirement planning, 401K strategies, investment options or insurance policies. He takes an integrated approach in order to assist clients in working toward financial independence by planning retirement income streams as well as asset protection and estate preservation strategies.

Saving for retirement can be a difficult endeavor with daily expenses and unexpected expenditures to consider. Setting aside just a little each week can make saving easier as well as create a nest egg to last through your golden years.






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