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Friendly Federal Credit Union

Selecting a bank or credit union can be an arduous decision. There are a variety of considerations when making this choice, such as fees, branch locations, ATM access, savings account rates offered and ATM fees.

Credit unions differ from banks by being limited in location. But even so, they offer several advantages over brick-and-mortar banks such as shared branching networks or access to over 30,000 surcharge-free ATMs worldwide through Co-op networks.


Credit unions differ from banks in that they operate without making a profit and return it all back to members through high dividends (interest) on savings and lower rates on loans, offering members a wider variety of products and services at reasonable pricing.

CSE introduced money market deposit accounts, high-dividend rewards checking, member business lending and land purchase for a new office on Cities Service Highway for member business lending in 2010. A mobile banking app was also made available.

Eligible members include individuals living, working, worshipping or volunteering in Newaygo County and its surrounding townships; you may also join if you’re an immediate family member of someone already enrolled as a member.

Values & Mission

Friendly Federal Credit Union operates as a full-service financial institution, catering primarily to manufacturing organizations and their immediate family members, while membership is open to anyone in general.

Banking essentials such as checking and savings accounts are available through them, along with auto, home equity, mortgage loans. Additional services provided include IRAs, certificates of deposit and direct deposits.

As a credit union, they place great emphasis on giving back to the community through charitable donations and employee volunteerism, as well as environmentally-friendly business practices.

Routing Number & Locations

Friendly Federal Credit Union offers a broad array of banking and lending services, such as checking and savings accounts, auto loans, home equity loans, holiday and vacation clubs, mortgages and IRAs. In addition, online and mobile banking options are also provided by this financial institution.

Aliquippa Federal Credit Union is located in Aliquippa, Pennsylvania and services multiple organizations from different manufacturing industries. CDFI certified, membership is open to anyone who lives, works, worships or attends school in Anderson, Knox or Roane Counties of East Tennessee – membership rates are highly competitive!


Credit unions provide similar banking apps and financial products as banks, yet often come with lower fees and better interest rates on savings and checking accounts.

Friendly operates two branches in Pennsylvania, with its main office situated in Aliquippa. The company serves multiple organizations within the manufacturing industry and is supported by NCUA.

Credit unions serve a range of members across various fields, while prioritizing community service and environmental sustainability. Their primary goal is to offer personalized solutions tailored to each step in your financial journey.


FFCU provides its members with a full suite of savings services, ranging from free checking accounts to IRAs and certificates of deposit. Furthermore, they offer auto loans and mortgage loans tailored specifically to members’ needs.

Friendly Federal Credit Union stands out from many banks by not charging origination or intangible tax fees on home equity loans, which allows it to offer more competitive rates and better services for its members.

Since 1955, this credit union has amassed assets totaling $48,567,938 and serves 5,298 members from two locations. Deposits at this credit union are insured by NCUA.

Loans & Credit Cards

Credit unions provide a range of financial services, from checking and savings accounts to loans and credit cards, all tailored specifically to you as an individual member’s needs. Their aim is to offer tailored, member-focused solutions that support you on your financial journey.

Credit unions usually provide higher interest rates on savings and checking accounts than banks do, as well as being less strict when checking credit. Newaygo County Credit Union serves residents living, working, volunteering or attending school within this county’s boundaries.

Retirement Planning & Investments

Investment services provided by the credit union include an array of investments and annuities as well as ongoing mutual fund monitoring services. Members also enjoy free account reviews that enable them to assess whether their savings and investment allocations are on track with meeting retirement goals.

Financially preparing for retirement is crucial, and credit unions offer invaluable resources and can connect you with expert retirement planners. Since credit unions don’t need to generate profits for themselves, their savings accounts often offer higher rates than competing institutions.






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