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Excite Credit Union Wilmington NC

Excite Credit Union is a community-based financial cooperative serving San Jose and Wilmington in North Carolina. Offering lower fees and rates with loans and savings products with great returns; Excite is committed to making a difference for local communities through loan products that lower fees and rates as well as its positive impacts.

There are 6 credit unions located within New Hanover County, NC that provide Auto Loans, Checking Accounts, Credit Cards, Savings Plans and Retirement & Investment products and services.

Vision Values & Mission

Excite Credit Union of California and North Carolina has long prioritized providing their members with superior financial options, so when they discovered Digital Align could help automate their processes to increase efficiency, reduce errors, and drive additional revenue, they were delighted. Led by former Credit Union executives themselves, Digital Align offers unparalleled consultative customer experiences based on DiJulius’ trademarked “customer first” methodology to understand all facets of a client’s needs while exceeding all expectations.

Routing Number & Locations

Are you tired of filling out deposit slips and waiting in line at the credit union? With Direct Deposit, that hassle can be eliminated by having your paycheck, pension or Social Security payment sent directly into your Excite Credit Union account. ACH Routing Numbers (sometimes referred to as RTNs or ABA transit numbers) are nine-digit numbers used to identify financial institutions; four digits represent Federal Reserve districts while four identify bank. Finally, one check digit completes this identification system.

Since 1952, Excite Credit Union has grown to serve over 40,000 members throughout Santa Clara, San Mateo, Alameda, Santa Cruz counties in California as well as Brunswick, New Hanover and Pender counties in North Carolina. Operating under its respective state division of financial services.


Excite Credit Union provides various checking services, including checking accounts and business checking accounts. In addition, Excite also offers other banking products and services including savings accounts, auto, personal and mortgage loans as well as credit cards.

Established in 1952, this 100% member-owned credit union operates under the principle of people helping people and currently provides service to more than 40,000 members throughout Santa Clara, San Mateo and Alameda Counties of California as well as New Hanover Pender Brunswick counties of North Carolina.

Zippia provides an in-depth view of Excite Credit Union, such as salaries, political affiliations and employee data compiled through self-reported data from Excite Credit Union employees themselves.


Excite Credit Union provides various savings solutions, including a high-yield money market account that’s perfect for anyone looking for fast savings growth but needing easy access. Payroll deductions make saving for special trips like Christmas easier too – perfect if your savings include money set aside specifically for vacation savings!

Zippia provides job seekers with an in-depth profile of Excite Credit Union, such as salaries, political affiliations and employee data. This can assist in making smarter decisions when searching for employment. Excite Credit Union employs 120 workers and generates $8.8M annually based in Wilmington, North Carolina.

Loans & Credit Cards

Have you ever dreamt of creating your ideal life with extra funds available to you, like building a pool, remodeling your home, traveling abroad or getting ahead in life? Possibly there’s already a list in your head or written on paper of everything that would require extra cash in order to materialize – or perhaps these dreams needn’t even exist at all!

Excite has you covered – be it an affordable personal loan or line of credit, auto loan, mortgage or home equity loan!

Zippia provides an in-depth look into Excite Credit Union, from salaries and political affiliations to employee data and more. Self-reported employee reports may include estimates for estimates. Excite Credit Union is a small finance company with 120 employees and annual revenue of $8.0M.

Retirement Planning & Investments

No matter where you stand in your savings journey, our plans can provide the ideal retirement solution.

Estimating retirement expenses can be challenging, but having an understanding of costs is essential in order to avoid being caught unaware by retirement costs.

Selecting an investment portfolio can be difficult. You must take into account factors like risk tolerance, life expectancy and potential market downturns when choosing one that’s the right mix for you. We can help guide this decision.






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