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Evansville Teachers Federal Credit Union Rebrands

River City institution Evanssville Teachers Federal Credit Union recently made headlines when it announced it would rebrand. Officially taking place on September 1, the organization adopted Liberty Federal Credit Union as its new name to better reflect their membership and include those outside education – President and CEO Bill Schirmer said the word ‘Liberty’ resonates more broadly among members than its former name had.

This name change more accurately reflects Evansville Teachers Federal Credit Union’s growth: in April alone, assets surpassed $3 billion with 28 branches across Indiana, Kentucky and Tennessee spanning 265,000 members – none of whom will see any change to their accounts, checking or debit cards bearing its logo!

Established by teachers from Evansville Vanderburgh School Corporation and Evansville College — now University of Evansville — this organization has since grown to meet the needs of a wider group of employers and community members. Over time, branches were opened throughout the region before expanding further when Owensboro Public Schools Federal Credit Union joined Evansville Teachers in 1992.

Recently, they implemented a mortgage program and moved into an expanded main office on Theater Drive in 2017. Their current location features updated teller windows and advanced self-service technology; an additional office on Rosenberger Avenue should open this year with five more scheduled for 2023. Their workforce has expanded from 160 employees to 738 – two-thirds still remaining within Evansville itself.

As it grew, the credit union kept up its longstanding tradition of supporting local charities and organizations through sponsorships, donations and volunteerism. Evansville Vanderburgh Schools remains a top recipient, receiving over $100,000 since 2013 through the credit union’s affinity card program that returns a portion of every purchase made using school-themed debit cards. Furthermore, it has supported police departments through Cops Connecting with Kids program as well as financing live-streaming of EVSC sports events.

As well as financial services, this organization has also become involved with real estate and local development projects. Most recently, it purchased Evansville Country Club with the intent of turning it into a mixed-use development featuring retail, office and residential space as well as restaurant/hotel services.






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