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Essex County Teachers Federal Credit Union

Essex County, NJ offers many popular banks and credit unions with unique offerings that stand out from the competition, so if you’re in search of banking services or seeking to explore them further, Essex County should be your destination.

Essex Anywhere app provides access to your entire account. Simply login using your Internet Banking login details for instant and up-to-the minute view of all accounts in one convenient view.

Vision Values & Mission

Essex County Teachers Federal Credit Union provides residents of Essex County, New Jersey with financial solutions that meet their financial needs. Offering checking accounts and savings accounts along with loans and credit cards as well as its unique online bill pay feature make managing finances simple on-the-go for customers.

Since 1905, Community Link Federal Credit Union has been operating out of Bloomfield in United States. Their top competitors include Holyoke Credit Union, Chessie Federal Credit Union, Community Link Federal Credit Union and Welcome Federal Credit Union; Community Link has raised over $132M through 19 funding rounds with 3 investors.

Routing Number & Locations

Credit unions feature an individual routing number to identify themselves, which can be used for various financial situations like connecting online accounts to banking accounts, setting up direct deposit with employers and more.

Essex County Teachers Federal Credit Union’s ABA routing number is 221274725 and can be found on paper checks as well as your online banking portal.

Essex County Teachers Federal Credit Union serves communities throughout New Jersey by acting as a financial cooperative and offering loans, investments, savings accounts, credit and debit cards as well as online banking services.


Essex County, New Jersey residents not only benefit from traditional banking services offered by Essex County banks but also have access to an array of cutting-edge online and mobile banking tools that can assist them in managing their finances and meeting financial goals.

Features Include: Tag, Note & Upload Images/Receipts: Being able to label and mark transactions is essential in staying organized. Furthermore, adding notes or geo-information makes for quick reference later on.

Essex Anywhere offers you a secure view of all your accounts from one central location on any device, using the same credentials you use for Internet Banking to gain access and make financial decisions.


Teachers has the financial solutions you need for smarter decision-making – from saving for an unforgettable vacation or home improvement, to paying off debt or remodeling your living space. Manage your funds effortlessly with our checking and savings accounts as well as online banking tools to manage them seamlessly.

Stay on top of your finances easily and safely using Essex Anywhere, our free mobile decision-support app. Add custom tags, notes and photos for transactions while organizing all your financial information using this convenient tool which offers bank-level security.

Loans & Credit Cards

This credit union provides an array of financial services, including checking and savings accounts, credit cards, personal loans and mortgages. Furthermore, they offer online and mobile banking tools as well as federally insured protection.

Additional fees may be applicable. For more information, reach out to your Credit Union.

Essex County Teachers Federal Credit Union’s main competitors include Holyoke Credit Union, Chessie Federal Credit Union and Community Link Federal Credit Union based out of Bloomfield in United States. The company itself is located there.

The doxo app provides real-time account and market data, while also enabling users to organize their finances using custom tags, notes and photos of receipts and checks – keeping you organized while making it easier to locate what you’re searching for quickly.

Retirement Planning & Investments

Essex County residents have diverse financial needs and goals, and working with a wealth manager to develop an effective plan to meet them can be invaluable in reaching those objectives. From opening a savings plan for retirement through to opening investment accounts a wealth manager is there to help set them in motion!

This tool is an invaluable resource for those who wish to maximize their financial resources. It allows users to aggregate all their accounts into one location for quick decision-making on-the-go and keep tabs on accounts and transaction history with helpful alerts and notifications – ideal for both personal and business accounts alike.






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