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Essential Retirement Planning For Solo Agers – A Retirement Roadmap For Single and Childless Adults

Fifteen million American baby boomers aged 50 or older without children are facing an uncertain retirement scenario, yet have no children of their own to care for or provide emotional support to. What this means for them and society alike cannot be ignored. The potential effects on both individuals and society may be significant.

Sara Zeff Geber’s new book Essential Retirement Planning for Solo Agers: A Retirement and Aging Roadmap for Single and Childless Adults provides a roadmap for this growing demographic of our population known as Solo Agers. She then sought to illuminate their path forward through stories and personal examples. These included choices regarding housing, relationships, legal agreements, finances and much more–with her encouraging Solo Agers to prepare their future like it depends on them–because it does!

Geber’s book takes an approach that is forward-thinking, positive, and action-oriented. She and 19 other notable retirement experts provide practical information for aging with confidence, purpose, and meaning. Advice includes finding work that matters; navigating health care and insurance issues; staying physically fit; finding community; discovering passions and interests; leaving a legacy; etc.

Solo Agers need a solid support network of friends and professionals who they can rely on when needed, and this issue’s expert contributors offer advice for creating one as robust as possible. Rob Lyman discusses the significance of developing an inclusive team of professional partners to assist you with addressing future challenges as they arise. Financial wellbeing is another top concern of most seniors; this article offers tips on evaluating investment options, recognizing social isolation risks and taking full advantage of senior centers/interest groups.

Guest Editor Sara Zeff Geber, MD is a retired management consultant who recently made the shift into retirement coaching, writing, and speaking on Solo Aging as her passion project. This revolutionary guide to second and third acts will prove invaluable to those preparing for retirement as well as financial advisors, elder law attorneys, senior care managers, or anyone who works with clients over 60.