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Employees Credit Union Estherville, IA

Employees Credit Union in Estherville, Iowa has provided its members with exceptional financial products for over 70 years. Find current interest rates on used car loans, new car loans, 1st mortgage loans and home equity lines of credit through the National Credit Union Administration which reflect quarter end balances and rates.

Loan Rates

The Employees Credit Union in ESTHERVILLE, IA offers members competitive loan rates on auto loans, new and used mortgage loans as well as first mortgage refinancing. Their introductory auto loan rate is fixed for 12 months before moving onto variable based on Wall Street Journal Prime Rate plus any margin disclosed in your loan agreement. They also offer low home equity lines of credit rates as well as personal loan rates. Every quarter they file deposit and loan data reports with National Credit Union Administration- the regulator responsible for federally insured Credit unions- for regulatory oversight purposes.

Online Banking

Online Banking (also referred to as Virtual or Web Banking) is an efficient way of managing your money online, offering most of the same services available at bank branches such as making deposits, transfers and bill payments. Most financial institutions offer this option either via their website or app on mobile devices – and many even provide live chat support so customers can easily access their bank account!

Many banks provide online and mobile apps that make it simple for their customers to check their balances and track recent activity. Many banks and credit unions also allow customers to notify them of suspicious or unauthorized activity through chat services or help centers.

Signing up for automatic notifications can save time by alerting you when direct deposits arrive, bills are paid off or your account goes overdrawn – and reduce the need to log into your account multiple times throughout the day.

ATM Locations

Employees Credit Association provides its members with access to various ATM locations nationwide, from free ATMs owned by FECA that don’t incur surcharge fees, to those from Alliance One Network offering over 4,909 surcharge-free locations and the Central Bank ATM Network offering even more choices. You may also find surcharge-free ATMs by looking out for the Co-op Shared Branch logo in many businesses and organizations around the country – withdrawals and debit card purchases may be subject to daily limits set by their checking accounts as set out by each institution individually***ATM deposits may be subject to hold by the Credit Union upon receipt at their discretion ***ATM deposits may also be subject to hold as determined by them at its sole discretion at this institution’s sole discretion at its sole discretion at this institution.






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