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Eglin Federal Credit Union – ABA Routing Number

Eglin Federal Credit Union’s 263178070 ABA Routing Number can be found on any check they issue, serving to identify their bank and facilitate ACH transactions, Fedwire funds transfers and other electronic payment systems.

EFCU is a member-owned, not-for-profit financial institution serving those living, working, worshipping or attending school in Santa Rosa and Escambia counties of Florida.

ABA Routing Number

The American Bankers Association (ABA) assigns nine-digit routing numbers that identify which bank or financial institution a check or electronic payment should be sent to. The first four digits indicate where in geographical space that bank is located while two more identify which Federal Reserve bank is responsible for routing electronic and wire transfer to it and lastly one acts as a checksum value to detect errors during data transfers.

These numbers can be found at the bottom of paper checks or by logging into your online banking portal. Sometimes these numbers are printed with magnetic ink to make it easier for computers and scanners to read them.

ABA routing numbers are unique to each bank and can change as the result of mergers, acquisitions, name changes or bank closures. Knowing your ABA routing number is critical in order to avoid delays or additional fees when sending payments or deposits.

ACH Routing Number

EFCU maintains one ABA routing number to cover both ACH and wire transfers. The number appears on the bottom left corner of your checks as an identification of your financial institution of account opening, making this information indispensable to complete transactions online or over the phone.

ABA Routing Numbers are utilized for direct deposits, wire transfers and other automated payments made to EFCU. Our ABA routing number is 263178070; you can find it on bank checks or statements or by logging into online banking at EFCU. EFCU also offers an ACH Routing Number that you can use domestically when initiating transfers; such transfers include direct deposit payments, dividends annuities tax payments as well as monthly collections that utilize this technology. When using our ACH Routing Number please add “EFCU ACH Routing Number before your account number so as to ensure proper processing.”

NMLS Routing Number

NMLS (National Mortgage Licensing System) issues individual mortgage loan officers an NMLS Routing Number as part of its oversight and transparency efforts in the residential mortgage industry. Regulators can track mortgage companies across state lines over time; consumers can look up an MLO’s credentials before hiring them to make home loans.

A routing number is a nine-digit identification of a financial institution used in transactions. You’ll typically find this on the bottom of checks alongside account and other pertinent details; additionally it is used for ACH and Fedwire payments.

Find EFCU’s routing number by checking their online banking portal or looking at the back of checks or bank statements; its ABA routing number will appear either before or after your checking account number and be indicated with a symbol that resembles an upset face.

Fedwire Routing Number

Routing numbers (also referred to as routing transit numbers or American Bankers Association routing numbers) are nine-digit codes used to identify banks and credit unions in the US for various electronic transactions including ACH (Automated Clearing House) transfers and direct deposits as well as domestic and international wire transfers.

Routing numbers of banks are printed at the bottom left of each check they issue; along with account numbers and any necessary transaction information. At EFCU, our routing number can be found printed at the bottom left of every check issued.

Routing numbers act like exit ramps to our financial system’s superhighway, directing payments where they need to go and helping ensure they arrive on time. Without them, your funds could quickly disappear in a sea of financial transactions; but don’t worry — finding your routing number shouldn’t be hard with this page as your guide!






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