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Ecusta Credit Union

Champion Credit Union Merges With Ecusta Credit Union

Ecusta Credit Union provides essential banking products like checking and savings accounts, lending solutions and mobile app access so its members can manage their finances on the go.

Later this year, Ecusta will merge into Champion Credit Union to form one powerful presence with six additional branches across Western North Carolina.

Vision Values & Mission

Ecusta Credit Union operates as a financial cooperative. They provide banking services such as saving and checking accounts, loans, investments, credit/debit cards, security systems, ATMs and online banking – serving communities throughout North Carolina.

The Union is driven by its vision to strengthen and support the communities it serves through community involvement, charitable giving and education. Furthermore, its mission is to offer members innovative products and services that enhance their financial wellbeing.

Champion and Ecusta will merge this year in an effort to enhance financial services and member experiences, according to a press release from Champion/Ecusta. Residents, workers, worshipers or students in Transylvania or Henderson counties may join this new credit union.

Routing Number & Locations

Champion Credit Union, serving Transylvania and Henderson Counties, recently announced its intent to merge with Ecusta Credit Union to strengthen financial services and member experiences. This move represents an effort aimed at providing enhanced services.

Ecusta’s ABA Routing Number is 253184854, and will appear on paper checks before or after their account number. In addition, this code is essential for Fedwire funds transfers and ACH (Automated Clearing House) direct deposits as well as bill payments and international wire transfers.

Ecusta Financial Solutions of Brevard, North Carolina offers savings and checking accounts, loans, investments, credit cards and security as part of their financial solutions portfolio.


Ecusta offers a selection of checking services designed to help you manage your money more easily, low loan rates and secure mobile banking solutions.

Credit union membership provides access to federally insured financial solutions including savings/checking accounts, loans/investment accounts/credit cards.

Established in 1976, Transylvania Credit Union can be found at 2074 Asheville Hwy in Brevard, North Carolina and serves residents from Transylvania and Henderson Counties. Potential members can join this credit union if they live, work or attend school within either of those counties; it holds a state charter under North Carolina law and operates within its boundaries.


Credit unions have quickly emerged as formidable competitors to commercial banks, thanks to lower fees and deposit rates; as well as their strong community connections.

Ecusta Credit Union, located at 2074 Asheville Hwy in Brevard, North Carolina offers savings and checking accounts, loans, investments, credit cards, ATMs and online banking services.

The merger is expected to enhance member services and offer more comprehensive financial products, and both Champion and Ecusta have committed themselves to positively impacting local communities through financial education, charitable giving, and involvement activities.

Loans & Credit Cards

Ecusta offers tailored financial solutions designed to meet each member’s individual financial needs, from savings for home or car financing, retirement planning or planning an inheritance tax return. In addition, they provide numerous electronic services which make managing finances secure and convenient.

Use your shares or certificates as collateral and take advantage of discounted loan rates with our secured loan options. Or if you need short-term expense cover between paychecks, consider our Salary Advance line of credit with its competitive rates and low maximum advance amount.

Employers such as Ecusta Credit Union have headquarters in the US, yet employ people globally. Clicking a company name provides additional details regarding salary ranges, benefits packages, career opportunities and any other relevant details for that job position.

Retirement Planning & Investments

Ecusta Financial offers its members a full array of financial services to assist in managing their finances effectively, such as checking and savings accounts, loan options, credit cards, mobile banking solutions and much more.

Beginning to save early for retirement can make all the difference when looking ahead. Ecusta offers IRA accounts with competitive interest rates to help members build up their nest egg.

The Credit Union offers its members access to various investment accounts through LPL Financial, an investment advisor registered with FINRA/SIPC. Securities and advisory services provided through this partner.






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