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Eastman Credit Union Routing Number

Eastman Credit Union is well known for offering free checking accounts, competitive savings products at attractive rates, flexible banking solutions and a host of online and in-person services.

Routing numbers are nine-digit identifiers used to identify financial institutions during transactions and identify their location.

Checking Accounts

Eastman Credit Union provides its members with an assortment of checking accounts that offer competitive interest rates and low fees, as well as online banking platforms and mobile apps to manage their accounts.

ABA routing number 264279350 can be found at the bottom left side of any paper check or bank statement, and is used to validate payments or withdrawals made via electronic banking services.

ECU is a smaller credit union that prides itself on offering personalized customer service. With branches located throughout Tennessee and communities nationwide, membership to ECU is open to people living, working or worshipping within its boundaries.

Savings Accounts

Eastman offers various savings accounts designed to meet both emergency and long-term savings needs, from traditional savings accounts to money market accounts with higher interest rates than bank offerings.

Credit unions also provide more personalized customer service than banks, making them the ideal solution for many banking needs. Their smaller size enables them to offer competitive rates on an assortment of banking products.

A credit union’s Texas Ratio measures how much capital and reserves it has available to cover loan losses; the closer its ratio is to 1, the more secure its operations are.


EASTMAN CREDIT UNION’s ABA routing number is 264279350 and can be used to facilitate ACH transfers, Fedwire funds transfers, and other electronic financial transactions. You can find this number printed in the bottom-left corner of a check or on its online banking portal.

Eastman Credit Union is a community bank offering a variety of banking products with minimal fees and charges, making them an excellent choice for residents in its service region. Their free checking account and competitive savings rates made Eastman Credit Union rank second on GOBankingRates’ Best Credit Unions 2022 rankings; their headquarters can be found in Kingsport, Tennessee with branches all throughout Tennessee.


ECU provides members with value through lower loan rates, reduced fees, and consistently competitive deposit rates.

ECU Online provides a quick, simple, and free way to access your credit union accounts via computer or mobile device. With ECU Online you can access account information quickly as well as conduct transactions around the clock – and with 24/7 security monitoring!

Ballad Health Foundation will benefit from this donation of one million over 10 years from The Credit Union to support regional healthcare projects for expectant mothers, newborn babies and children.

Credit Cards

Eastman Credit Union stands out from other credit unions by being geographically-based; therefore it makes an ideal choice for residents in its service area, offering competitive rates and minimal fees on its checking accounts.

ECU’s Beyond Free Checking account boasts an above-average annual percentage yield (APY) of 0.30%, making it one of the best free checking accounts out there. Members can utilize its online banking portal to manage their accounts and locate an ATM or branch near them; loans can also be applied for through this institution and competitive rates offered on savings and CD accounts as well as its mobile app that allows members to check balances and transfer funds on-the-go!


Eastman Credit Union provides its members with convenient ATMs that are part of the Allpoint network for surcharge-free transactions. You’ll find them located throughout the area. To locate the closest one, click here.

The ABA routing number, commonly referred to as RTN or check routing number, is a nine-digit identification code for your financial institution that’s used by banks for processing funds transfers via Fedwire funds transfer and Automated Clearing House direct deposits, bill payments and more.

You can locate your ABA Routing Number on the bottom left side of any paper check or bank statement as well as online banking portals of participating financial institutions. Use our convenient search feature to locate it by bank name or location.