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Dominion Energy Credit Union

Use Digital Banking to manage your money at any time or place. Reduce minutes or hours from your weekly schedule by using all of your accounts in one central place – access them all directly through Digital Banking!

Online Banking

Dominion Energy Credit Union makes managing your money easy — from anytime, anywhere! View account transaction details, make payments on time, apply for loans and more with online banking from Dominion Energy Credit Union.

Make everyday banking accessible – deposit cheques and pay bills on the go, plus use QuickView to view your balance without needing to log in!

E-bills make paying your bills simpler and avoid late fees by providing your invoices directly in your inbox, payment via debit card and setting one-time or recurring payments.

Dominion Energy Credit Union relied on ZAG Interactive to drive awareness and interest for their new Cash Back Credit Card launch, including creating a landing page, website promotions and Facebook Carousel ads targeting those most likely to apply.

Mobile Banking

Consumer expectations have evolved rapidly, creating greater competition for financial institutions that provide a superior mobile banking experience. Financial institutions who succeed at offering this experience will enjoy higher customer acquisition, engagement, retention and lifetime value; however, to create such a platform requires more than simply possessing the appropriate technology; success also necessitates taking an analytical approach toward customer journey.

Access your accounts anytime, anywhere with our convenient mobile banking apps. Stay logged in using fingerprint or facial recognition, get bill reminders, track energy usage and report outages quickly – everything is at your fingertips!

DECU Members can make instant fund transfers between accounts within online banking or make loan payments with this app. Simply tap “Send”, choose an account, enter recipient details such as email or phone number and set recurring transfers if desired; keep in mind that data usage fees will apply from mobile providers when using this application.

Bill Payer

Dominion Energy is one of the country’s largest producers and transporters of electricity and natural gas, serving Virginia, North Carolina, West Virginia, Ohio and Pennsylvania with power and gas services. If you have received pre-recorded calls that seem predetermined or are cut off at either end, this may constitute a violation of your Telephone Consumer Protection Act rights – should this be your experience, our office would be more than happy to assist in filing such a claim against Dominion Energy.

DECU offers safe and simple ways to transfer funds between accounts at different financial institutions. Use Bill Payer, online banking or our mobile app to transfer money between DECU checking accounts to anyone’s accounts within DECU or externally; Cross-Account Access allows funds transfer between your own accounts at different financial institutions – for more information please call member services.


Dominion Energy Credit Union offers a selection of mortgage products, from conventional loans and home equity lines of credit to home equity lines of credit with competitive rates, flexible terms and minimal fees – making this company an excellent option for homeowners seeking ways to save on their mortgages.

This company boasts an outstanding market reputation, offering top benefits for employees. However, their salary falls short of industry norms; on average employees of this firm can expect to make $68,555 annually.

Dominion Energy Credit Union may be infringing upon the Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA). The law protects consumers from unsolicited robocalls, and any company found breaking it could face substantial fines – so be wary if any calls come from this number!

Dominion Energy Credit Union offers an outstanding customer service team who are always there to assist, whether through online chat, email, phone or branch location assistance. They’re even ready to offer help if they don’t know the answers themselves!






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