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Dillon Credit Union

At MemberFirst Credit Union, we’re proud to offer member-centric financial services that support you on your financial journey – from banking essentials and loan solutions, through retirement planning & investments and more.

Dillon Credit Union uses the following ABA Routing Number as their routing code for direct deposit, ACH funds transfers and more: 301178330

NCUA requires all Credit unions to submit quarterly (5300) reports that provide an in-depth view of their deposit and loan data, providing a more holistic overview of each Credit union’s financial health.

Values & Mission

Dillon Credit Union is a full-service financial institution providing banking, savings, loans and retirement planning. Operating out of two locations around Hutchinson in Kansas with assets totaling $36,666,494 and 4,647 members insured by NCUA; their comprehensive Financial Performance Report offers a transparent overview of their finances based on data from the 3rd Quarter 2023 NCUA Call Report; this includes assets, liabilities, income and expenses. Dillon promotes itself as an excellent place to live, work and play through responsive government, cultural enrichment activities within an pedestrian-friendly environment – Dillon strives to create vibrant places to promote Dillon as vibrant places that promote Dillon residents enjoy living, working and playing environments that encourage vibrant communities with vibrant government responsive to those seeking opportunities cultural or recreational experiences enhanced through responsive government as well as enhanced cultural and recreational offerings in an pedestrian friendly setting.

Routing Number & Locations

Dillon can assist in your financial journey whether you’re saving for a dream home or simply managing basic essentials. Take advantage of Dillon’s wide array of banking solutions including checking and savings accounts, auto loans and mortgages as well as credit cards with rewarding features to start building wealth today!

Routing numbers are nine-digit codes used to identify financial institutions within the US. They facilitate automated ACH transfers, direct deposits and other automated transactions. You can find your bank’s ABA routing number online by searching or visiting its banking portal.


Dillon Credit Union provides financial solutions such as savings and checking accounts, loans, investment accounts, credit cards, ATMs, insurance policies, retirement planning and in-person and online banking, mobile apps and debit cards to members as well as home mortgage loan options. Furthermore, this company provides money market certificates offering tiered interest rates on balances; personal/auto loans; mortgage loans, lines of credit & home equity loans as well as in-state deposits are offered by Dillon in Kansas State.


Dillon Credit Union offers members savings accounts with competitive interest rates at competitive prices, money market accounts that pay interest tiered, with monthly rates calculated based on average balances over threshold levels and home equity loans to help finance major expenses. Dillon is federally insured by the National Credit Union Administration (NCUA). Dillon serves communities throughout Kansas by offering online and mobile banking, checking and savings accounts, loans, investments, credit cards and retirement planning services – everything needed for everyday banking!

Loans & Credit Cards

Dillon Credit Union provides an array of financial services, from checking and savings accounts, loans, investments, ATMs and online banking. In addition, they offer various credit card products with attractive rates and rewards programs.

Tiered rates vary based on money market conditions and may change regularly, with earned interest being deposited to your account on a tiered basis monthly.

Dillon Credit Union typically pays its Consumer Loan Officers an average annual salary of $63,553, or an hourly rate of $31. Skills that could increase your chances of employment include Customer Service and Leadership.

Retirement Planning & Investments

Retirement planning can be both emotionally and mathematically taxing. That is why our members have access to a team of financial experts dedicated to helping them prepare and plan for an enjoyable retirement.

Rollovers are an efficient method for moving assets from one retirement program to another without incurring taxes on that transaction. There may be certain restrictions, however.

Tiered money market accounts earn interest monthly on the average balance within each tier based on current money market rates. Click to view our rates!

Investment and insurance products are offered through CUSO Financial Services, L.P. (CFS), an SEC-registered broker-dealer that is also an investment adviser. Please be aware that these products do not fall under NCUA/NCUSIF coverage and may involve investment risk including possible principal loss.






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